If you’re planning an Indian wedding, you’re likely looking for Indian wedding invitations. This is an excellent way of conveying your heritage and culture while expressing personal style.

In terms of designing your wedding invitation, there are a myriad of options. Before launching your search for the perfect marriage card, decide on the theme, budget, and number of guests and whether you plan to include cards for other wedding functions, i.e. reception, sangeet, mehndi ceremony, etc.

With the following tips in mind, you’ll be able to select the best Indian wedding invitations:

Select a Theme:

Is religion the central focus of your wedding ceremony? Then perhaps you’ll want to select an invitation that is heritage based, i.e. Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, etc. Such cards often feature a religious theme or symbol that is the central tenet of the faith. For example, in a Hindu wedding card, you may see the ‘Aum’ symbol or figure of Lord Ganesha. In a Christian card, you are likely to see a cross and or a verse from the Holy Bible. In addition to the religious symbol, heritage-based cards also depict images that are associated with a particular faith, i.e. doves in Christian weddings, peacocks in Muslim weddings and elephants in Hindu weddings.

Hindu wedding cards


Indian weddings are colourful affairs so it only makes sense to have a vibrant invitation. You have a vast colour palette to select from, i.e. red, purple, green, white, gold, neutral, etc. You can select the colour to match the colours of your décor or dress, or something completely personal.

Card Design:

If you thought there were many options in colours, the same can be said for design options. In Indian wedding invitations, there is a vast array of choices and again, the decision is highly personal. Some of the most popular card designs are laser cut, scrolls, e-wedding cards, designer, multi-faith, hardbound, the card with box, etc. Your selection will be influenced by how formal or casual your wedding ceremony will be. Luckily, if you’re unsure about the card design, you may always order samples!

Christian card


An Indian marriage card would be incomplete without a little bling! Most marriages are nothing short of a royal wedding, and this can be easily conveyed by the addition of embellishments to your invite. Some excellent embellishment options include rhinestones, semi-precious and precious stones, tassels, bows, ribbons, tissue paper, etc.


Do you plan to host pre-wedding and post-wedding functions? If so, you may want to include additional cards in your invites. You can opt for add-ons in the same design suite as your main invitation. Popular add-ons include mehendi, sangeet and reception cards, table cards, thank you cards and table menus.

Wedding invitations

With these tips in hand, you can now select the best Indian wedding invitations for your special day. Visit Indian Wedding Card to start your journey!the


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