A wedding without flowers wouldn’t feel like a celebration at all, so is it any surprise that many brides prefer floral theme cards? Choosing a floral pattern for your wedding card adds charm, sophistication, beauty, and elegance to your theme. Throw in things like color palette, style, and paper type, and you can create the most uniquely designed wedding card of your dreams.

Picking the right floral theme for your wedding card design might seem tricky, especially if you’re not florist. To help you select the best floral design, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most beloved flowers that many brides love to showcase on their wedding invitations.

1. Peony:

The peony is an ideal choice for a spring or summer ceremony. Peonies are lush, fragrant and romantic. They have delicate, colourful blossoming petals. Peonies look beautiful as a design when they’re paired with other colourful flowers. Red, white and pink peonies are the most popular but who says yellow, mahogany or coral shades won’t draw attention!

Floral Theme Cards

2. Rose:

If you’re really stumped about which floral pattern to pick, you can never go wrong with a rose. Red roses, in particular, are considered wedding flowers. They symbolize purity and love. A traditional flower that is often presented in a bouquet. Your wedding invite would look stunning with a simple bouquet of roses or in arrangement with other types of flowers.

3. Gardenia:

Japanese and South Asian brides love gardenias as these flowers are native to that region. Gardenias are a symbol of grace and elegance. They are perfectly suited for a wedding in the summer.

Floral Invitations Cards

4. Daisy:

One of the most popular flowers, the daisy is recognized around the world. It has a cheerful and brightening vibe to it, which is why so many brides love to showcase it on their wedding invitation. Daisies are beautiful in any color but often look stunning on a card in pastels.

5. Orchid:

The orchid is an exotic and mysterious flower, so if you’re hosting a destination wedding on a beach, this is the ideal theme for your wedding suite. Orchids symbolize refinement, delicacy, and beauty. Whether in a bouquet or arrangement, this flower is superb in a card design.

6. Dahlias:

Dahlias are similar to peonies. They add sophistication and charm to your wedding ceremony. On a wedding invite, dahlias make a dramatic statement in a bouquet or in an arrangement with similar flowers and some greenery. They are beautiful in any color.

Floral Wedding Cards

Floral theme cards are fresh, vibrant and graceful. They can easily be conveyed into your entire wedding suite. To shop for beautiful floral theme cards, visit Indian Wedding Card today.


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