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Indian Wedding Cards are the first and foremost effort that is initiated while planning for weddings. As a part of Indian custom and tradition, Indian wedding cards are distributed to invite not just distant relatives and friends of the bride and groom, but also to the near and dear family members. However, it is a tricky and a mind boggling task to select the right kind of wedding card that is presentable and unique. Let us read ahead to know about various factors that would help in selecting the right kind of Indian wedding cards that would be innovative and stunning without causing a hole in our pockets –


The foremost thing to determine is the budget that we want to allocate to wedding cards. Once the budget bracket has been decided it would become a lot easier to design and style the card. There are numerous wedding card designers and printers that have galore of choices for every kind of budget. Be the budget be humble or astronomical, Indian wedding cards are available to suit both kinds of budgets.


Keeping in sync with Indian wedding fervor and tradition, Indian wedding cards are preferably designed in vibrant and spectacular colors like red, maroon, gold, saffron and green. These colors are considered to be pious and sacred to be symbolizing passion, energy and Indian tradition. Some of the colors like black, white and grey are not preferred as they are considered to be inauspicious colors for Indian wedding cards. However, they are amalgamated with other colors to impart an attractive aura. Preferably, bright and vibrant colors are used in Wedding Invitations for auspicious reasons.


Designs are a crucial and the most discussed factor to be considered when choosing Indian wedding cards. While some individuals prefer simple, uncomplicated and sophisticated designing, others like to have their wedding cards designed in loud and vibrant designs. The typical wedding cards carry intricate and elaborate design with traditional color scheme. Some of the religious wedding cards also have an extract of spiritual or pious scripture that is printed on top of the cards.


Size of the wedding card is also an important factor along with the font size to be used in the card. While a small wedding card will not be able to carry all the wedding details with clarity, an oversized wedding card will look too awkward. Hence it is important to have clarity over the size of the wedding card and its font to get the right kind of it.


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