Wedding Invitation Cards

In times of emails and e-invitations, one thing that is same and ever growing strong is Indian wedding cards. Indian weddings can never be complete without wedding cards that are sent to guest, friends and family members to invite them. They certainly keep on changing their shapes, styles and themes keeping in sync with the latest times and trends. However, people try to retain the element of ethnicity and tradition to keep in tandem with the flavor of Indian wedding.

Let us read ahead to know about some specific types of Indian Wedding Cards that have been popular as ever.

Religious Indian wedding cards:

Some people prefer to base their wedding cards on religious flavor and fervor. Be it a Hindu wedding, a Sikh or a Muslim wedding, the religious wedding cards will carry unique and traditional motifs that would remind of ancient customs and traditions. Religious Indian wedding cards usually carry the designing of beautiful decoration and intricate designing. These cards also have bright and vibrant colors that are attractive and catch attention easily. Religious wedding cards also carry on them an excerpt of related Holy Scripture that is printed as the first thing on the top.

Interfaith wedding cards:

As society has become modern in accepting interfaith weddings, Indian wedding cards have also become unique and innovative. Interfaith Indian wedding cards are amalgamated with conventional designing and innovative motif that speak about amalgamation of different faiths. The people, who are experimental in nature, select some non-conventional base colors for their Wedding Invitations along with some off-beat designing.

Themed Indian wedding cards:

Modern generation has shown great keenness and enthusiasm to have specific theme or idea to be a base for their wedding cards. However, the theme can be a traditional as well as a modern one too. Many innovative individuals even select their own family or family lineage also as a theme for their wedding cards. One such commonly used theme card is the ‘scroll wedding card’. In this type of marriage invitation card, the invitation is printed over a textured cloth or sheet that further is rolled over and tied with a fancy string. Another kind of themed wedding card is the one where a fancy box is used having invitation printed in the form of small templates or decorative metallic plates. Sometimes sweets or chocolates also become part of the wedding cards and are packaged together.


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