Hindu Invitations
Indian Wedding Card

Cards are a mode of invitation where one person invites the other to join the event of his happiness. Cards are generally used for inviting people in many occasions. But the highest collection of these cards is there for wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony is the biggest occasion of one’s lifetime and the guest list for this function is the longest. The celebration of ceremony starts with the selection of wedding card and then the distribution. This card will act as an invitation from the bride and groom to their near and dear ones, so that they can come and shower their blessings on them.

India is such a big country which consist of many castes, states, customs and religion. Every community has the concept of wedding. There are huge variety of cards which are available according to different casts and cultures. But all the cultures use wedding cards for invitations and all these carry a mark of Indian tradition and culture.

There are many websites where variety of cards are available and there is differentiation in cards according to the community & culture like – Hindu wedding cards, Muslim wedding cards, Sikh/Punjabi wedding cards. This cards differ in their looks, language, color but all serves the same purpose ie invitation.

There is a huge demand of these cards even in international market a well and all those Indians residing in other countries order wedding card from companies in India. The NRI prefer to purchase cards from Indian Market since they carry the Indian flavor and also there is a huge variety available and these are cheaper too.
With the huge and everlasting demand of these cards even designer wedding cards have stepped into this market and are making designer cards according to customer demand and budget.

In India since decades the mode of invitation for wedding is – a Wedding card and this will remain the same all that changes is the pattern .There are wide range of style, design, color in which these cards are available and these changes are taking place very rapidly according to the market demand. Also, new technology has made changes to the way the cards were designed, printed and given a finish. Besides, the new technology has made cards cheaper than ever and cards have also evolved in shape, sizes and colors. So if you are planning this very special occasion in your or your dear one’s life, please visit the online sites for that very special and unique Indian wedding card.


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