The Indian wedding is popular around the world because of its unique customs. The customs and rituals give wedding a strong and unbreakable bond. The marriages are conducted according to the norms laid in the Vedas. The marriage in another community is simply considered a bond between two individual but in Indian society it is bond between two families.  It brings two families together and they share warm relation of love & respect for a lifetime. As a result there are numerous interesting customs associated with a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. The traditions are the base of marital institution. It strengthens the bond between the couples.

1 Kanyadaan


It is one of the most valued Hindu wedding rituals. According to this the father of the bride hands over his daughter’s hand to the groom. This is emotional as well as moment of pride for the bride’s father. It is believed that sacred ceremonies purify all the sins. During the ritual ladies sings traditional songs.

2 Sindoor:

Just  after the Kanayadan ritual, the sindoor ritual take place. “Sindoor’ is artificial vermillion colored powdered put by the married women on the parting line of hair known as “Maang in Hindi.  It is first applied in the Maang by the groom during the wedding ceremony.

3 Mangalsutra:

Mangal Sutra

The word “Mangalsutra” is an amalgamation of two words Mangal means “auspicious” and Sutra means “thread”.  It is a scared necklace that the groom ties around his bride’s neck. This symbolizes that from this point onwards that she is married woman. It is similar to the wedding ring worn by married ladies in western culture. Apart from this nose ring, toe ring, colorful bangles and kumkum are the others thing that denotes that the women is married.

4 Seven Vows:

The marriage in Indian community is considered bond for seven births. The couples take seven vows around the holy fire. These vows are pillars of the wedding. Love, commitment, prosperity, friendship, health and progeny strongly bind the relationship. With every round the fire, the couple take one vow, after the seventh vow they become a husband & wife.

5 Solah Shringar:

Solah Shrigar means sixteen adornments. It is basically steps for beatification of the bride. It covers her from head to toe. It includes a detailed guideline for makeup, ornaments and accessories. This ritual is followed from ages and is passed from one generation to another. It celebrates and acknowledges the divinity and beauty of women. It is believed that certain embellishments and jewelry enhance the beauty of the bride. According to Hindu mythology these Shrigars symbolizes the sixteen phases of moon.

 Solah Shringar

6 Step Wedding Barat

Barat is heart of a wedding, in this ceremony the groom’s together with friends and relatives proceed to wedding venue. They ride a decorated horse or elephant, the rest of procession proceed slowly along with him dancing and singing.  Even if you look at the wedding invitation card you will see happily dancing people following the groom.


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