Weddings are a big event in India due to cultural and religious beliefs. An average Indian spends more than half of the wealth he/she accumulated in a lifetime on weddings. Publishing the wedding invitation is just the tip of the iceberg. There are various other expenses too in a wedding.

Wedding invitations have become innovative and bold with use of varying materials and printed methods. They are no longer limited to small paper sizes. Larger than life wedding invitations are a trend these days. People experiment with all kinds of formats like a scroll, box cards, multiple folds, etc. The contemporary weddings have also given rise to new trends. One such trend is to design separate cards for each of the wedding functions.

A rather ignored aspect of a wedding invitation is its ‘wording’.

In India, wedding invitations’ wording has a special significance. As weddings are considered holy, people are very careful with designing invitations. Let’s have a look at the amazing features of wedding invitations’ wording in India.

Wedding Cards Wording

Amazing features of Indian wedding invitations’ wording:

Indian weddings are a grand affair. From near & dear ones to distant relatives, everyone is invited to a wedding. The bride and groom’s families send warm invitations to everyone on the guest list. The love and respect towards the guest are reflected through the wordings used in these cards.

While India is known for its diversity, there are some common characteristics in all kinds of Indian cards.

Inclusion of religious quotes and verses:

Every Indian wedding invite starts with a religious quote. Be it a Hindu wedding card or a Christian wedding invite, a religious quote is a must. It is considered a good way to begin an invitation. It is believed that by adding a quote from religious scriptures, the wedding receives the blessing of God. In Hindu culture, the first card is offered to the Gods.

Indian Invitations Wording

Family Background:

The wedding invitation wordings always include the name of the bride and groom’s family background. This includes the name of the grandparents and parents of the couple. It helps the guests know about the groom or bride’s family history. Ancestral roots are also mentioned on the card in many cultures. The card is undersigned in the name of the eldest member of the family.

Warm requests:

The guests are invited in a requesting manner with the importance of their presence in the wedding. Words like ‘cordially’, ‘pleasantly’ etc. can be seen in the wordings of Indian wedding cards. A special request by close cousins and siblings are also separately mentioned on the card.

Detailed Address of the venue:

The wordings of Indian Wedding invitations include the detailed address of the wedding venue. All major functions are listed, and scheduled time is also written clearly. People list these details in bold letters that help it stand-out. Addresses also include landmarks and names of the contact persons.

Wedding Cards Wording

Use of golden and red colors:

The wordings are written in golden and red color to help them shine out against any backdrop. Black ink is ignored in many cultures as it is not considered lucky.

The unique characteristics of Indian wedding card wordings set them apart from the cards of other cultures.

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