Selecting a theme for your marriage day is an excellent way to align all the different components concerning your wedding. You can showcase your theme through your wedding dress, the venue, decorations, the music, the menu and even the wedding invitation.

Whether you’re planning a rustic, classic, country or formal wedding event, the design of the wedding invitation must coincide with your theme. One of the best card designs is a laser-cut wedding invitation. This type of card is delicate, creative, elegant and sophisticated. Its presentation and design are memorable, guaranteed to evoke admiration and excitement from your guests.

Why is a laser-cut wedding invitation an appropriate choice?

The popularity of laser card designs has grown immensely over the past few years. Even though it features elaborate designs, it somehow still exudes a kind of charming simplicity which many brides prefer. In addition, there are many ways one can customize a laser invite such as the type of paper it’s printed on, the typeface, colour, embellishments, etc. Its numerous customization options enable couples to express their personality.

Laser-Cut Invitations

How are laser cards made?

This intricate card design is made using laser technology. A high powered laser is directed via an optic to cut the design. A Computer Numerical Control or CNC guides the laser beam on how the design must be cut. The laser may burn, vaporize or melt the card surface to create a particular design. Using a focused beam results in a high-quality finish that also appears natural. It is this balance between intricacy and simplicity that lends laser-cut invitations its elegance and class.

What design options are available?

Since laser technology is being used to create the design, the options are limitless and bound by your creativity. Some popular designs include flowers, doors, peacocks, leaves, trees, paisley patterns, and lace.

In terms of colour, a white or black laser cut finish tends to be the most popular. However, there is a wide range of colours to choose from. Similarly, you can add additional embellishments to enhance the beauty of your invite. Some examples include ribbon, twine, rhinestones, etc.

Laser-Cut Wedding Invitation

Can the envelopes be customized?

Handing out your wedding invitation in a laser cut envelope makes a bold presentation. Your guests will admire and cherish your invitation.

A laser-cut invitation is a perfect card to mark your special day. Visit Indian Wedding Card today to peruse through our beautiful collection!


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