Are you a bride who’s searching for the latest Hindu wedding cards? We’ve got a list of the latest trends that you can expect this as well as where to find them.

Trend #1: Power Colors

Motifs, monograms, custom illustrations, paper alternatives, funny wordings, and unique color palettes are just some ways that couples are choosing for their wedding invitation design. The idea is to give guests an expectation about how much excitement there’s going to be at your wedding.

Hindu Wedding Cards
In addition, more couples are opting for pastels colors rather than pinks and reds. This is keeping with youthful themes rather than opting for a traditional one. You can also expect to see traditional Indian designs in watercolor effects.

Trend #2: Keepsake

More couples today are opting to break away from convention and opt for quirky invitation designs and themes. For instance, some couples want their invite to become a keepsake as well. Creating a customized invite that is personal and tells a story along with an entire suite built on this theme is how many couples are opting to celebrate their wedding. For instance, a couple who are both doctors may choose to create a fun and unusual invite that resembles a doctor’s prescription or even a First Aid box.

Hindu Marriage Card

Trend #3: Metallic Foil and Laser Cut

Metal plating, laser cut, and metallic foil are a hot new trend that’s here to stay. Whether it’s a touch of silver, rose gold or plain gold, this is the simplest way to add some glam to your invite without going overboard. Whether the metallic touch is the lettering, the monogrammed initials or in the borders, the effect is rather sparkling. Add to this a lace pattern, snowflakes, paisley prints or jali designs and you’ve got a winning invitation.

Trend #4: Calligraphy

This is the year of the font and you can expect to see some fabulous ones! Whether it’s through a couple’s monogrammed initials, a carving or through beautiful typography or even mixing English and Devnagri scripts, the idea is to make your text look stunning and memorable.

Hindu Wedding Invitations

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