Scroll invitations never fail to charm the wedding guests. It is about royally announcing your big day. In ancient times, kings used scroll cards to send Farman or a message to other kingdoms. The tradition is still followed, but to invite guests to weddings.

If we talk about the latest wedding trends, unique wedding invitations have captured the eye of the buyers. It includes scroll wedding cards for sure. Be it a Muslim wedding or a Sikh wedding: you can see millennial couples choosing stylish wedding invites over the traditional ones.

Scroll wedding cards are known for their design and fine creation. You can find them in different colors, including blue, green, white, and maroon. It is all about decorating your card so your wedding guests can get excited for your big day.

If you are considering scroll invitations to delight your guests, it is a good choice! Let us help you know how to make your scroll wedding card fun and interesting.

Scroll Wedding Cards

Choose a vibrant color

Scroll invites are available in various color combinations, such as white and golden, white and silver, blue and silver, maroon and gold, etc. If you have any specific color in mind, go a head and design your card. However, if you want to seek opinions, we insist on going with a white and gold combination. It looks rich and royal.

Include religious wordings

You must have seen religious symbols and wordings embedded on the wedding card. Indian culture is known for respecting every religion, and that is how we promote harmony in the country. So, when it comes to starting a new journey together, it is good to seek blessings from the Almighty. What could be better than having Ik Onkar, Allah, or Aum symbols on the top of your scroll wedding cards?

Write details in crisp

Nowadays, minimalism is much appreciated, whether it is cards or clothes. So, you should pay attention to select wordings and include details that you think are necessary, like wedding date, venue, time, etc. If you try to include minimum words in the card, you may end up making it chaotic. The idea behind using fewer words is to convey the message clearly and leave space for design in your card.

Choose a wooden box

When it comes to styling a wedding card, the sky is the limit nowadays. Gone are the days of sending traditional wedding cards that used to cost a fortune in printing. With the changing times, the wedding industry trends have evolved too. The latest one is sending a scroll invite inside a wooden box. Yes, you read that correctly!

wodden box

What’s best about a wooden box is you can personalize it the way you want. If you wish to keep chocolates, tiny cards, or RSVPs, you can make it happen without trouble.

Consider a case where you need to book the wedding venue and choose a caterer. You want to know how many guests will attend the wedding. If you send an RSVP card inside the box, you can receive the response sooner than expected. It can help you plan arrangements accordingly.

Now you must be planning to explore scroll invitations. Go ahead and visit the Readiprint Designs store online. You can find exclusive wedding card ideas, including scroll wedding cards. You can brainstorm with their creative team to design the card of your choice.


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