It makes no difference what a person’s financial condition is, everyone wants to make their wedding day more special. They want to celebrate it as if it were a royal wedding. The first step in planning a royal wedding is to select elegant wedding invitation cards.

When it comes to inviting guests, scroll wedding invitation cards are really remarkable and appear too nice. These cards are convenient and contain wedding information in a clear and appealing manner. Scroll invitation cards with a theme are considerably superior to standard invitation cards, and they are also more affordable.

Let’s have a look at the gorgeous designs in scroll wedding cards:

  • Customized designs

Through customization, scroll invitation cards can be utilized for a variety of ceremonies and rituals. Whether it is Grih Pravesh, Mundan Ceremony, Birthday Celebration, Wedding Ceremony, or any other festive occasion, s Scroll invitation cards are versatile enough to be used for any event thanks to the customization option.

  • Elegant card design for wedding invitation
Elegant card design

The colour red is associated with beauty, love, and grace. A red-coloured invitation card immediately conveys the aim of the invitation, which is to invite guests to a wedding. For the purpose of wedding invitations, a golden border on red or dark maroon coloured paper looks really ethnic and festive.

  • Out of the box approach
unique scroll wedding card

There are various colour and theme options if you want to create a unique scroll wedding card. The combination of a navy-blue background with silver imprints is enticing. Choose a card case with a lovely pattern, such as a cross pattern, a floral pattern, or a plain border pattern. Similarly, you can also use different colours like royal green with a golden design or pink with a silver one.

  • Bamboo casing
bamboo invitation design

India has a wide range of cultural influences. Gods, goddesses, and mother nature are worshipped by Indians. They have valued natural creations as their nourishers for millennia. That is why, in order to achieve success, they include nature as an intrinsic component of every celebration. The bamboo casing design for the scroll wedding invitation card is a unique way to honour Indian beliefs.

  • Peacock theme

The peacock is one of nature’s most beautiful and sacred creatures. That is why peacock designs are so popular in every Indian celebration and function, whether it is in the form of rangoli, mehndi, or invitation cards. Beautiful peacock design enhances the elegance of scroll wedding cards.

  • Velvet royal design
royal scroll card

Instead of using paper, the elegant velvet fabric looks amazing. It has a magnificent and princely appearance. This scroll card is outstanding due to its easy fold and handling. And when it comes to designing a wedding invitation card, its aesthetic is unrivaled.

A wedding card should give guests a peek of your big day. It displays your wedding’s standard. Selecting a unique and spectacular scroll wedding card will set the tone for your special day.


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