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In this era of online cards, Indian wedding cards still hold a lot of importance and significance in a marriage. The perfect paper, color, work and emblem all go together to make the perfect Wedding Invitations Card. However, thanks to the latest technology, people are discovering newer and better types of Wedding Invitation Card that can be used to cordially invite relatives and friends not only staying in India but also abroad. What’s more, Wedding Invitation Card are made keeping in mind the requirements and choice of an Indian family.

Here, are a few common types of Wedding Invitation Card that you will come across in Online Indian Card Stores:

Theme Based Wedding Invitation Card: The Indian weddings are slowly evolving. Many couples are smitten by the theme base bug where all the décor, clothes, and card would be as per a chosen theme. Needless to say, this Marriage Invitation Card is in keeping with those themes. One such example of a royal theme based marriage is a scroll invitation cards that resembles the king’s era of scrolled parchments being exchanged amongst kings.

Traditional Wedding Invitation Card: Most of the people still like to stick to the age old traditional wedding invites. In such Invitation Card, a lot of importance is given to the color, design and embroidery on the card. Each religion has a different get up in case of the Invitation Card, like a Bengali Wedding Invitation Card and a Sikh Wedding Invitation Card would be different in certain aspects. However, both the cards would be designed in keeping with the sentiments of respective community.

Mix and Match Wedding Invitation Card: These are fast gaining popularity. The fact that these mix and match card are well-known to have the best of both worlds makes the cards stand out from the rest and makes them look bright and beautiful.

Just getting the right design for Wedding Invitation Card is not sufficient. It is essential to ensure that the card is well written and drafted as required. There are many designs of Marriage Invitation Card available on the online cards portal. One simply needs to browse through them. In these online cards stores, couple can design their own cards within few minutes.  Generally most the online store provides clients the option of free customization. They have easy payment options and cards are delivered to client within time. Time to time they come up various discount schemes, make sure to check for the same.


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