Hindu Wedding CardIndian weddings possess a distinguished identity across the globe for its rich customary nature, majestic level of preparations and colorful events. Wedding is the time when people want to make everything look perfect and special. Sending wedding invitation cards to near and dear once is part of the first stage of wedding arrangements. The most preferable method is to give an invitation by hand, but in case of far living relatives/friends, they are sent by post.  The invitation card is not just a mere description of would be couple, wedding events and their time, date and venue. Rather, it also describes the cultural, religious and social background and beliefs of the concerned family. India is a nation of diverse cultural groups and that diversity also get reflected in their wedding cards too.  Indian Wedding Invitation Card, whether they belong to any community or religion have some similar features. Their front cover, inside pages and envelop front always carry the symbols and holy verses of related religion on the top portion. That faith also gets expressed in the design of cards. Indianweddingcard.com is providing all types of wedding invitation cards, invitation cards for different ceremonies, matching card stationary and mailing items, etc. Here, you can see an astonishing range of modern wedding invitation cards.  Ethnic motifs, using paper along with premium quality card material and unique shapes of cards, are some characteristics of indianweddingcard.com

The bride shape, dholak shape and embossed peacock design cards are some examples of the unique wedding invitation card styles. Another specialty of Indian Wedding Invitation Cards is that they are made with rich quality material. Jute mottled handmade paper, translucent paper coupled with tassels and strings create the card.

Indianweddingcard.com is the right choice for buying wedding cards due to its customer oriented features. Each card design of the catalogue is available on Youtube that describe the making process of card. Other details of the card, such as size, design specifications, price and minimum order condition along with shipping time are also given. Some other facilities provided are guest name label printing, wedding favors, gift items and font/print selection, etc. These services not only save client’s time and energy moreover, it ensures the supreme quality of each item.

Therefore, when you think of online wedding cards, Indianweddingcard.com would be the answer of all your queries.


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