What Can Make Rsvp Cards Unique?

RSVP in the French language is abbreviated form of ‘Repondez S’il Vous Plai^t’ with the literal meaning, ‘reply please’. A trend not born yesterday, but revived from the Victorian Age when it was considered to be a well-bred gesture to respond to the invites with a positive or negative response. One can say that it

Add Royal Touch To Your Wedding With These Damask Wedding Cards

Damask is a reversible, solid coloured, patterned woven fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton or synthetic fibres which originated from a weaving technique of the middle Ages, deriving its name from the city of Damascus, an important trading and manufacture center, as a part of silk route. This word was first adopted in French and

Bid Audieu To Your Guests With These Indian Wedding Favors

There is no event in the world as lively, as interesting, as traditional and as rich and lavish as an Indian Wedding. Be it the guests or the host, it is a time full of preparation, excitement, and anticipation. Everything around looks bright and colourful adorned in all the hues of nature as well as

Fulfill Your Heart’S Desire With These High-End Wedding Cards

The wedding is once in a lifetime event which definitely must be celebrated with a little more flamboyance and extravagance as this is truly a day that will never return in your life. This celebration should mark the beginning of a new milestone that must be joined in by one’s friends, relations and well-wishers whose

Celebrate A New Phase Of Your Life With These Retirement Cards

Retirement is another milestone in a person’s life where he leaves behind his workplace and head for a relaxed life. For some, it brings relief and pleasure and for others it may fill them up with anxiety and apprehension. It is but natural to feel a little nervous as the work which brought him/her recognition,


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