A ring ceremony is similar to an engagement party. The difference lies in when the engagement ring is presented. Typically celebrated in Asian cultures, during a ring ceremony the would-be bride and groom place an engagement ring on each other’s ring fingers in front of close friends and family. Some gifts are also exchanged between both immediate families such as items of clothing, tokens or ‘tikkas’, sweets and dry fruits. A ring ceremony can be a simple function held at home or something elaborate that is at a hotel or banquet hall.

Whatever the scale of your special event might be, you still need to send out invitations. The following guide will inform you on what to include in your ring ceremony invitations:

Card Design:

There are many options in-ring ceremony card design. You may choose something that reflects your religious beliefs such as Radha-Krishna themed invitations or something more general and contemporary such as a non-denominational card.

Radha Krishan Theme Cards

In addition, you can opt for a laser cut motif, embossed design or an invite printed on handmade paper.


Rings are frequently used symbols in this type of invite. You may also include a pair of doves, a pair of hearts, or the motif of a couple holding hands.

Program Details:

In this section, you need to include key information that will inform your guests about your celebrations. This includes:

  • The name(s) of the host(s)
  • Names of the engaged couple
  • Blessings from their elders or grandparents
  • Location where the ring ceremony will occur
  • Time and location
  • Direction information


If you are planning a formal celebration, it might be necessary to include an RSVP request. This helps you figure out how many people will be attending and simply facilitates the planning aspect. Don’t forget to include a due date for your RSVP request!

Engagement Invitations


Typically, the host serves as the main point of contact for your guests. However, it is not uncommon to include the names of siblings as well. Simply list their names and telephone numbers on the bottom of your card.

Ring ceremony invitations play an integral role in announcing your upcoming nuptials. To order your invites today, contact Indian Wedding Card.


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