The most beautiful period after engagement is the courtship period. The period that starts from engagement lasts till wedding. It gives couples an opportunity to know each other. It brings the two hearts closer.

The secret of a successful relationship is the love, respect and understanding between the couples. Well some of you may say after wedding we are going to spend every moment together then we will get to know each other better. I agree with that, but if you talk to each other you will know about likes, passion, hobbies and lots of other thing that will bring both closer. Especially in an arrange marriage, you never know it may spark the love that will be reflected on your big day. You would be talking to each other and there will not be any uneasiness. There would be loving gaze and sweet smile. It will be all there for the camera to capture.

Engagement Romance

Here are some wonderful ideas to keep in touch and let the love blossom.  These ideas are surely going to work even if you are from a conservative family that is against couples meeting before marriage. We will just advice that follow your family and follow the romantic tips too both are essential.

1 Virtual Romance: 

It is an age of technology, from dating to wedding has become virtual then why not go for a fruitful romance.  You can get connected with each other using webcams. Share small things, take opinions and even go ahead and share virtual kisses. Seek each other advice regarding the wedding attire and wedding invitation cards, two most important things that will remain with you for a lifetime. You can visit online card stores to get both the things. You can move one step further by getting some romantic note printed on the invitation that you have written for your beloved. It will surely make it priceless.

Romance In Life

2 Telephones: 

Thanks to Graham Bell for inventing telephone, otherwise thousands of hearts wouldn’t have been together. The cousin of telephone that is mobile phone is one step ahead. It helps you remain in touch with your sweetheart even if you are on constant move. So, take advantage of various plans the telecom companies are offering. Keep talking and if you cannot talk then message. There is more recent fabulous application
“What’s up” that allows you to chat & share pictures almost free of cost, well can’ ask for more!

3 Love Letters:

They are the most amazing way of telling your sweet pie your hearts feelings. If you have never written a letter don’t worry love will surely make that happen. Write and dedicate it to your beloved, your romantic words are going to precious than diamond to your sweetheart.  You can send the letters with soft toys or chocolates. The words will make heart melt faster than the ice-cream.

These are top three tips for making your courtship period full of love & fun. Make sure the love remains after wedding also, so keep telling each other always that how much you love.


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