The wedding season has begun with all excitement. If your wedding day is approaching soon, you must be occupied with planning and preparation, right from selecting the right wedding card to paying attention to the flower arrangement. While you may leave the decoration segment to your friends and family, you should choose the right wedding invitation to announce your big day.

With that said, we find it relevant to talk about boxed wedding invitations. A wedding card with a box is the new trend that couples are exploring enthusiastically. Box cards are just perfect to announce your wedding date and send a royal gesture to your guests. It tells a lot about your involvement in your wedding. There are different types of box wedding invitations available in the market. The best part is that it comes with customization options to help you design the card of your choice.

Here’s a blog to help you choose the perfect box wedding invitation without any hustle. Let’s get started!

Floral Box Wedding invitation

If you’re among those couples who like to keep it simple and classy, choose floral box cards. It would look impressive to have a floral design on the box: it gives a feel-good vibe to your guests. Evidently, a wedding is incomplete without flowers. So why not take your craze for flowers to a good extent and design your wedding card around a similar theme? Choose a blend of light and dark shades, along with textures that add to the beauty of the card.

Birdcage Box Wedding Invitation

This laser-cut, stylish design option is just perfect to deck your wedding card. A birdcage design makes your wedding card unique and special. You never know you may garner attention for your impeccable taste and earn praise for it. It sums up innovation as the wedding invitations are placed inside the cage. So, if you’re bored exploring simple wedding invitations, you can look through various designs at the Readiprint Designs store. You can find a wide range of wedding cards with a box in exclusive designs.

Pillow Shaped Box Wedding Invitation

When it comes to designing a wedding card, the sky is the limit! You can choose from gold-plated boxes to floral-inspired themes. One more design idea that may surprise you is pillow-shaped box cards. There’s a uniqueness factor in stylish pillow-shaped box cards. You can choose any vibrant color scheme to make the card impressive. We suggest that you go with neon color combinations to design the box. It will impress your guests for its exclusivity for sure. So, shun those common wedding cards with box and choose a themed wedding invite. It’s your wedding; make it special!

Basket Style Box Wedding Invitation

Present your wedding card in a unique style! Choose basket-style box cards to announce your wedding. It creates an identity of its own with its distinguished design and colors. It’s not necessary to design the basket in simple, traditional brown color. You can go with maroon, green, and blue to give it a different look. If you’ve got space in it, why not add chocolates or tiny personalized cards to woo your guests.

Now you’ve got different choices to design your boxed wedding invitation. The next step is to brainstorm with your friends and family or consult the Readiprint Designs team, who can help you design the perfect box wedding invitation of your choice.


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