A wedding is the most special and beautiful day in every couple’s life. A wedding celebration lets you create beautiful and delightful memories for the whole of your life. Selecting a wedding card is the beginning of this grand celebration. An invitation card marks the blessing of God on this holy celebration. the design and style of an invitation card leave a long-lasting impression on your guests. They judge the standard and theme of your wedding through invitation card design.

Indian Wedding Card presents a range of designs and styles in wedding cards that are trending in the market. Scroll wedding invitations have become very popular due to their elegant scroll and box packing.

Have a look at these stunning scroll wedding invitation cards that will surely amaze your invitees:

Scroll Invitations Card
  • Elegant scroll wedding cards

The scroll wedding invitations are different from conventional paper or booklet invitation styles. It is quite impressive and easy to carry. Scroll wedding cards are manufactured from premium quality satin and velvet fabric. The shine of the satin and velvet fabric adds elegance to the overall appearance of the card.

  • Scroll invitation with a silver tube

The silver tube offers a royal touch to the scroll invitation card. Dark shaded like navy blue, maroon, grey and green fabric with silver prints look beautiful. An impressive silver tube and showcasing box complete the look of the box scroll invitation card. The box embellishment contains the same velvet texture as the invitation card and silver border design.

  • Stunning scroll invitation

A paper card with fibers on the entire surface is a fabulous card design. It has a unique look with immense beauty. A white surface carrying a beautiful floral design in the pink, crimson or peach shade has great aesthetics. A beautiful box with a paper flower gives it an unforgettable touch.

  • Box encompassing surprise
box Scroll Invitation

Delight your guests with a box full of delicacies and deliciousness. This beautifully decorated box contains sweets, dry fruit and a scroll wedding card conveying your heartiest message in the best way.

  • Embroidered scroll wedding invitations

Box scroll wedding cards come in a variety of designs to complement your wedding ceremony. A scroll invitation displayed in a box with lovely thread embroidery has a strong magnetic pull on your guests. You can experiment with the desired colour scheme, design, and style for your scroll wedding invitation at Indian wedding Card.

  • Bespoke scroll wedding invitation cards

Why choose standard scroll wedding invitations when you can access bespoke designs? These genuinely impressive boxes are beyond elegant with their lovely border work and rolled scrolls in antique gold. It is available in pink, maroon, navy blue, deep green, and golden tones.

Announce your wedding with these impressive wedding scrolls. These have a soft texture and a silky appearance. These come in a variety of shades, including neutral, solid, deep, bright, and many others. These cards are more attractive because of the superior quality and the fine details. The boxes of scroll wedding cards come with embellishments like silk tassels, paper flowers, glitters, and ribbons.


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