According to the Hindu culture, weddings are considered as not only the eternal bond of a man and woman but also the nuptial of two families. Just like the other cultures, the Hindu wedding is also a religious and traditional custom of the followers. The wedding of the culture extends up to three to five days. It is not a matter of a single day because the corollary rituals and customs that lead to the final day of the marriage; those rituals are subjected to be attended by the guests.

The wedding cards of the Hindu culture are known for being colorful and glittery. They are embossed or printed with several kinds of auspicious signs and motifs. These motifs carry much religious significance besides being eye-catching attractive. Below are the details of the spiritual significance of the common symbols found in the Hindu wedding cards:

Hindu wedding cards

•  Lord Ganesha or the elephant God of the Hindu mythology. This God is worshiped before the worship of any other God of the mythology. Lord Ganesha is believed to be able to remove any kind of hurdles or obstacles in a person’s life. He is also believed to bless the individual with the power of knowledge, wealth, and education. He is considered as the epitome of the joy and prosperity. Lord Ganesha is either printed or embossed on the card.

•  Om, which is the sign or the symbol of divinity and purity, is the most vital symbol of the Hindu culture. It signifies the existence of the three principal lords of the religion, the Brahma, The Shiva and the Vishnu. These three lords are the symbols of sanctity, ecstasy, and peace. All of the major Hindu rituals and ceremonies start with Om, as the remembrance of the holy trinity.

Hindu wedding cards

•  Swastika symbolizes strength and prosperity of an individual. This shall never be mistaken with the symbol of the Nazi. The symbol carries the message that everything good prevails forever. These four corners of the symbol signify the four directions, the sun, the change and the movement. It also signifies the strength as well as the stability of the good times in an individual’s life. The symbol is often coupled with another holy symbol of the Kalash.


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