Remember, When was the last time you opened a wedding invitation at home and felt so excited?

The ability to literally set or break one’s expectations for the wedding day is represented by wedding invitations. As a result, it is clear how excited someone is to see a wedding card.

Hindu weddings have historically placed significant importance on wedding invitations. Even if the styles have changed throughout time – from scroll wedding invitations to digital invites – the tradition of sending out invitations to loved ones has always been essential and pure.


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Moreover, marriages are considered holy in Hinduism as the divine union of two souls. Consequently, wedding invitations are seen as much more fortunate since they are first presented to the gods in heaven as an invitation to attend the religious celebration. The initial printed card is kept apart for the lords and goddesses; followers are only given further cards once the god’s card has been presented to the God. Here are a few Hindu wedding invitation designs that expressed wealth and passion throughout the entire printed page space.

Hindu Components of Wedding Invitations



Lord Ganesha is honored as a symbol of wisdom, wealth, and knowledge. Hindu mythology and traditions state that Lord Ganesha is praised before all other gods. This believed to give good fortune and clear any hurdles and difficulties that could arise during an important and beautiful ceremony like a Hindu wedding. Hindu wedding cards with images of Ganesha are therefore extremely popular and beloved everywhere.



Lord Krishna is and will remain worshiped wherever pure love is mentioned. Radha Krishna’s unbeatable love tale has been preserved and must continue to be loved for all future. Hindu marriage celebrates the union of two sinless souls; hence, the image of this divine marriage is ideal for Hindu Wedding Invitations.

A Peacock


The Peacock represents romance and love. A peacock’s bright colors represent happiness and wealth. Several paintings and other works of art themed around the breathtaking beauty of this amazing bird have been created throughout Indian heritage. Furthermore, many Hindu families find it to be a joyous occasion when they witness a peacock dance.



Om is frequently mentioned as the most important Hindu mantra. The combination of three most powerful gods – Lord Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu – is represented by the three letters of the ultimate word, a-u-m. It also stands for the sky, the atmosphere and the earth. As a result, Om patterns are frequently used to adorn wedding cards initially.

Although love stories are written in heaven, you can still print words from the sky on your ideal wedding card. While designs are important, the written content on a wedding card is like frosting on a cake!

To make a lasting impact, enhance your wedding card with stunning designs and engaging text.


The Top Things to Remember When Writing the Wedding Wordings

Traditional Invitation Wording:

  • Begin with a warm invitation addressing guests and invoking blessings.
  • “With the blessings of Lord Ganesha,
    [Your Name] and [Partner’s Name]
    Request the honor of your presence at their wedding ceremony.”

Sanskrit Verses:

  • Integrate Sanskrit verses or hymns. For example:
  • “आ युः श्रीः सः।”

Details of the Ceremony:

  • Clearly state the date, time, and venue:
    “Date: [Date]
    Time: [Time]
    Venue: [Venue]”

Acknowledgment of Blessings:

  • Express gratitude and acknowledge the blessings:
  • “Your presence and blessings are requested as we embark on this joyous journey.”

RSVP Information:

  • Request RSVP in a polite manner:
  • “Kindly respond by [RSVP Date] to [Contact Information].”

Closing Blessings:

  • Conclude with warm wishes:
    “May your presence bring joy to our celebration.
    With love and regards,
    [Your Name] and [Partner’s Name]”.

Final Words

We believe the recommendations will assist you in creating the ideal Hindu wedding invitation, which perfectly combines beautiful graphics with attractive wedding wordings. Best wishes to all of you!


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