Wedding invites are the first impression of your wedding. Remember, you will not be getting a second chance to make a first impression. You probably cannot envision the reaction of your guest when they first open your wedding invite.

A wedding invitation is the sneak-peak of your wedding. It gives a glimpse of the style and formality of the event. It has the potential to make the guests very excited about the wedding.

Wedding Invitations

A lot of details need to be considered before you purchase a wedding invitation. Probably you would be asking certain questions to yourself. The write-up lists certain things you should know or pre-plan before you order your wedding invitations.

9 things you should know before you buy wedding card invitations:

1# Visualize your dream wedding:

There’s a hidden secret about your mind. It can take you into your deepest thoughts and help visualize things. Close your eyes and think about how your wedding day will look. Is it formal or a less formal beach or garden wedding. Is it more traditional or contemporary? It is important because your wedding card invitation design will be inspired by how you want your wedding to look.

2# Decide whether you want a theme and color palette for your wedding:

Extravagant theme weddings are a big yes these days. Themes are generally symbolic – referring to a particular memory of the bride and groom. These may be inspired by the first time a couple met or proposed each other. Some couples also prefer duograms (containing first letters of their first names). Duogram serves as the logo of your wedding. You can also decide on a color theme for your wedding.

Designer Wedding Card

3# Chalk out a budget:

This is one of the crucial steps. Having a preset budget will ensure that you don’t overspend. You must save some money for pre-marriage expenses too. The theme, wedding invites, guest list, food, and everything will depend upon your budget.

4# Have a near-perfect estimate of your guest list:

Creating a guest list in advance is a good idea. It will give you a near accurate idea of your guests. But don’t stick on the numbers. Remember, you send invite per family, not per member. It will just give you a rough idea of the number of guests. It is advisable to keep a higher margin to cover any unexpected guest.

5# Research about the current wedding invitation cards market trends:

Like we said earlier, your wedding card is your first impression and you will not get a second chance. Knowing about wedding invite trends in the market will help you pick the trendiest one. Go through a few wedding invitation card designers websites and save the designs that fit your personality.

Unique Wedding Cards

6# Know about various invitation printing methods:

An experienced wedding stationer will be able to tell you about the various methods of printing and how they differ from each other. Variety of methods include engraving, letterpress, thermography, embossing, flat printing, etc. You can ask for wedding invite samples before making the final purchase.

7# Determine whether you want any wedding accompaniments:

Wedding accompaniments can add an extra effect to your wedding card. The wedding favors and accessories help in creating perfect first impressions. You can choose from a variety of favors like box favors, key chain favors, and deity favors.

8# Search through various wedding samples to explore different wordings:

Selecting the wordings of the invite is also very important. The language and word selection will reflect your personality. You can check out several wedding samples and their wordings to get an idea. Always choose wordings that might be easily understood by your guest. Going with a universally followed language will be great.

All the above decisions might be a little perplexing, but in the end, they will help you come out with a perfect wedding invitation card. Take a deep breath and decide on them one by one.


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