Scroll Invitations have always been an antiquated way to extend an invite to your guests going with a noble order of gesture. Scroll invitations are a perfect match for the occasion of a wedding as it has a grand and regal feel to it. With scroll wedding cards you get to work beyond the regular choices of wedding invitation cards with different formats of folds and pockets that have been used overly.

Scroll wedding invitations get you that authentic antiquity of an invite adopting interesting and engrossing designs that have immersive options to feature a wedding invitation to best match your idea an imposing and classy invite.

Scroll Invitation

Silver tube scroll

Going royal with your invitation gets easy with the silver tube scroll invitation. Here, you would generally have the leaf part created on a velvet base usually with a royal blue color to get it a regal feel. This is rolled and held within a silver tube done over with intricate imperial motifs. Which is further packed in a velvet wedding card box to give it a suitable closure.

Fiber strands and ribbons

If you want to see more of elegance with your scroll invitations, you need to have your card created with more of material grace using strands and ribbons that give it the silken gloss and smoothness. This can be combined with paper sheets with fiber mesh or a cloth-based scroll in matching passive shades. This is mostly accompanied by a decorative golden accessory to add a dash of gleam to it.

Silver font on a threaded layout

This one comes out as a sheer classic. It goes with a plain base with no extravagant craft or added frills. But just the simple and pure stitch work on the scroll layout to give it a modest feel of a cultured classic invite. The silver text appeals the most when done on a blue base. With this, you can combine silver or grey tassels and closure strings to get it an extended aesthetic exposure.

Royal gold feature art

Golden feature art and elements add to the royal touch to any invitation craft. And this goes quite impeccably in delivering the theme and trait of a royal invite. It is something that gets you a regally expressed scroll wedding card that includes everything from the rollers, covers, closures, typefaces, and prop-ups done with the royal gleam of gold.

Tiny scrolls in a bag

When you have a lot to say and have many events to cover, it is always a smarter choice to go with a number of tiny scroll invitations over a large bulky scroll. You can have these cute little scrolls in different colors in a coordinated theme, offering a consistent feel and appeal while adding variety to the presentation. These can be carried in a bag presenting the central theme of the event.

The vintage mohurs

If you want to give your wedding invitation cards a pro vintage touch, go for the classic mailing sheets rolled and tied with strings and sealed with mohurs. This gets them an unusual feel of the classic communiqué that was famously used by the imperial state officials. These mohurs much applicably include the initials of the bride and the groom and the details of the ceremony seeking relevance with the invite.


These are some of the Scroll Invitation Cards in the form of classic scrolls that never go out of style. Trying these for your wedding ceremony can add to the distinctive touch of your invite and you can have something out-of-the-clutter and interesting to keep your guests impressed with your style of invitation.


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