It is logical to start making timely preparations for making the wedding cards. This task shall be undertaken at least 6 months prior to the coming wedding. Wedding, being a special and a very grand event, requires extensive and minute planning of its each and every detail and as far as the Wedding Cards are concerned, in particular, making them requires a lot of planning.

designing wedding cards

This is so significant because much before the “D-day” i.e. the wedding, all the guests are formally contacted and informed about it through the wedding invitation only. The cards deliver all the required information of who, when, what and where and set the expectations of the guests for that special day. In a way, they set the first impression of the wedding, much before it actually takes place.  Moreover, if they are very impressive, the guests may remember the wedding through them and may even preserve them to take some tips while designing their own invitations in future.

Remember, it is important to choose them carefully

Even if the budget for your invitation cards is limited, they are several ways to make it happening. If properly and timely planned, the result ought to be good. Your thoughtfulness always reflects in all your pursuits and so will it reflect in your invitation. Right scale of formality and good choice of its design, paper, type and printing technique is quite important. If the wedding is grand, an elegant design is required while a casual design will serve the purpose equally well in case of a casual celebration. Using a good colour scheme that matches the theme of the wedding decoration will do wonders in the invitation just as it will do for the wedding itself.

Start looking as soon as possible, if you start timely, not only a thoughtful decision can be made, all the possibilities can be explored and everything can be done within the budget. Well begun is half done and deciding on the right invite will give you a lot of time to finalize the invitees list. This will also help spare you from the last minute hurry. Also timely printing and distribution of cards will help those living far from you to decide their itinerary properly. In addition to this, it will also give some room to people to integrate the wedding with that of a tour to any of the tourist places nearby.

Another advantage of deciding and getting cards printed timely is that there will not be the feeling that you have left someone from inviting as by that time even all the family members will know about the wedding. Those who could not get the invite will get a word of mouth information about the same and then you can send them an invite. Furthermore, a feeling of preparedness will be there as the invites and their distribution is one of the major tasks. Though this task is made simple by modern means of printing and distribution still finalization of the guest list takes time.


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