Wedding card designs have evolved over the years. It’s no more about a set color scheme or floral design: one can look beyond it and choose a trendy or rustic wedding invitation. Since the wedding time is exciting for everybody, especially the bride and the groom, you may find yourself occupied buying dresses. It’s equally important to select a wedding card that expresses your style.

If you’ve been strolling through the market to hunt the latest wedding card designs, halt there. Let us help you find the best ones.

Scroll Invites

scroll wedding cards

Scroll wedding invitations are impressive. They are creative enough to let your guests wonder. In ancient times, kings used to send messages across kingdoms through scroll invites. Its use is still prevalent. If you want to avoid designing a rustic wedding invitation, your best bet could be a scroll invite.

Make sure you choose a decent color and design. If you want your wedding card to look stylish, you can choose contrasting colors. Use stylish but easy-to-read fonts. You can add poetic or religious verses to enhance the beauty of your wedding card.

Boxed wedding invitation

boxed wedding cards

What better than a boxed invitation to announce your big day? You can call it multi-functional. You can add tiny messages, chocolates, souvenirs, etc. Design your box using creative items. How about choosing a rustic color? We are talking about designing elegant wedding cards here. So, your boxed invite can be simple, or you can engrave your names on it. Either way, you’re going to win praise for your choice.

Vintage wedding card

vintage wedding cards

Vintage wedding cards never fail to impress. It brings back memories, and one cannot help but reminisce the era passed. You can choose a vintage-themed wedding card. Design it by adding images of your favorite yesteryear singer or an actor. It could also be collectibles that you were passionate about during your childhood. The idea is to bring back the old times and feel nostalgic. You will have a lot to discuss with your friends.

Animated wedding card

Your caricatures on your wedding card give many reasons for your guests to laugh. Bring out your creative side and design an animated wedding card. You can make use of your photographs here. It’s time to move past traditional wedding card designs and explore elegant wedding cards.

Season-themed invite

season themed wedding cards

If you want to design a simple wedding card, you can go for a season-based wedding invitation. If it’s a summer wedding, go for bright colors. For a winter wedding, you can use the images of sky, moon, and stars. Whatever you think fits. Or you can step ahead and embed your wedding theme on your wedding card.

You can explore these card designs to create your wedding card. It’s wise to consult your friends and family and let them know what you’ve in mind. They may help you choose the right card. You can also consult a professional card designer who can help you find the card you want.

Readiprint Designs keeps a ready collection of elegant wedding cards. Whether you want a floral-themed card or a rustic wedding invitation, you can find them at the store in no time. You can also discuss your requirements with the team. You never know; you may surprise yourself.


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