Wedding colours have an important part to play in the wedding theme. Selecting the right colour for the wedding is a big job. Colours should be chosen according to the theme of the wedding. Once the date of the wedding is fixed, certain things need to be considered to choose the colour of the wedding.

1.   Venue for the ceremony:

The venue of the wedding actually sets the mood of the wedding celebration and the colour of the wedding has to be hence chosen which syncs with the venue. There are certain things in the venue which cannot be changed, so the colour has to be accordingly chosen. If the wedding is taking place in palace or a heritage hotel then the administration of the heritage property will never allow you to make any changes to the place. Here, you need to work around the color scheme of the venue.

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2.   Synchronising with the season of the wedding:

The weather prevailing at the time of the wedding has a great impact on the colour choice. Summers and springs are ideal time for pretty floral colours, lavender, pale pink etc. Winters however are best suited for formal wear weddings with white and black.

3.   Colours which create the exact mood of the wedding:

Depending on what is the type of wedding celebration been planned shades could be chosen. Ivory or navy blue are shades for sophisticated colours for formal wedding, while bright white, funky pink are colours for whimsical themed weddings. These colours set the ambience of the wedding.

4.   Coordinating with the bridesmaids:

Deciding the wedding colour without considering the bridesmaids could be risky. The bridesmaids have a great influence on the look of the wedding celebration. Combating colours should be chosen for the bride and her bridesmaids. The wedding dress, ballet flats everything has to be matched in contrast to the bridesmaids.

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5.   Sticking to favourite shade:

Everyone has a favourite shade, so you can go ahead and choose your favourite color. It would be better to have a word with you fiancée before you plan to go ahead with the shade. A color that is liked by both means there won’t be any conflict later on. If you are planning to go with girlie shade like pink then make sure to discuss with your man, because most the men won’t like it.

6.   Colour inspired by the bride’s favourite flower:

A thumb rule for the brides who tend to get confused with so many floral colours is to go for the colour of their favourite flower. They all will definitely happy to see the colour around them during their wedding.

7.   Extend the color to every wedding element:

Extend the wedding color to every element whether it is wedding invitation card, wedding trousseau, lighting or car.

The most essential colour of the wedding is the colour of love, bond, promise and togetherness. Two hearts being one it emits the loveliest colour ever.


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