The apple of our eyes “babies” are not easy to handle. Traveling with them is a tough job. If you have received a wedding card then you surely might be in a fix how to take care of your baby in the ceremony. Nowadays, the hosts are very much concerned about their little guests. Here we are going to give nine practical tips to take care of your little one, so you can enjoy the marriage ceremony along with the baby.

1. Carry out additional set of clothes: 

Take at least three to four sets of clothes, so you can instantly change the clothes whenever baby drops food or needs a change.

2 Milk bottles and top feed:

Baby needs to be fed something after every two to three hours, if not fed at the right time then they will start crying or get fussy. It would be difficult to control them at that time. To save yourself from landing in such situation, carry milk in sterilized bottles. Also, don’t forget to carry water in a baby sipper.

3. Carry extra diapers:

Babies frequently urinate as they are normally given liquid or semi-solid food. Always make it a point to carry diapers. It will make sure that baby stays comfortable and if they’re comfortable then you will surely have a nice time.

4 Toys:

The babies need constant attention. They may get distracted by all the lights, music and even the crowd. To keep them occupied carry their favorite toy, so you can talk to people while baby keeps playing with his favorite toy.

5 Easy to eat foods:

With infants, you will not face any problem when it comes to food, but for toddlers, you need to make special arrangements. They will start pointing towards food when they will see others having their meals, so carry for them in your handbag biscuits, crackers and easy to eat fruit like banana.

6. Carry baby pram:

Babies hate to sit at one place constantly. They like to be carried around. They would love if you carry then in baby pram. It is going to be big relief to you as it will give rest to your arms. Baby can even take a good sleep in it.

7. Carry a blanket:

If the nuptial is taking place in winter, then carry a small blanket. It will save the baby from catching cold. You can even carry warm set of clothes for winter wedding.

8. No to high heels:

Most of the women love to wear high heels, but it is strict “no” when moving with your little one as you need to carry the baby around. The risk of tripping is quite high when you are wearing heals. Further, it can cause back pain as you will be carrying the baby. Go for stylish footwear that come in flat heels or Jootis are also trendy options for modern mothers.

9. Avoid sparkling accessories:

Babies easily get attracted to shiny and sparkling stuff. Avoid wearing stone studded necklaces and earrings. The dangling earrings also quickly grab the attention. The baby will try to grab and it may hurt you as well as the baby.

Follow these top 9 Tips while taking baby to a wedding, it will ensure that you have a wonderful time at the wedding.


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