What’s your wedding theme? Classy, romantic white, gothic, or florals? Did you know that floral weddings are trending now, as are floral dresses for bridesmaids, plus floral-themed wedding invites and stationery? Yes. All the popular wedding flowers are available on wedding invite themes these days – elegant orchids, pristine white roses, pink peonies, blue hydrangeas and at times, a truly extravagant mix of all the finest flowers. Let us tell you about the florals theme that’s trending right now with wedding cards stationery and take it from there.

You Can Have As Many Florals As You Want On Paper
Paper has no limitations. Given the trend for botanical or floral print stationery, the sky’s the limit. Purchasing actual flowers would put your budget really awry, but getting the same flowers printed on paper will calm your budget anxieties. What’s more, if you have a flower theme for your wedding, by opting for a floral wedding invite card and stationery, you can maintain the same theme throughout.

Show The World You’re On Trend
Use your wedding invitations and stationery to establish your wedding style. Right from the wedding invites to the envelopes to the thank you cards, maintain the same floral theme to show who you are. Use your floral theme to show your guests what they can expect, so that they can take a careful look at what they plan to wear to your wedding. Start planning your floral theme months in advance to get it right and you won’t regret it when the day of your wedding arrives!

Let’s Take a Look at the Trending Floral Print Wedding Stationery
There are lovely wedding cards with very subtle watercolor florals flecked with gold. Then there are gorgeous letterpress designs in various colors. Rich florals with foil-stamped leaves and floral outlines embossed in jewel tones. All these are just ideas – the ultimate decision is left to you, but this is to let you know that if you are not too much into florals, there are subtle options as well. You can pick one of those and give a passing nod to the floral trend. This way, you can be on trend, without being too trendy.

The Dated, Faded Look in Florals Is All the Rage
The trend now is that couples are searching for a ‘dated look’ which designers achieve by using water coloring of decreased saturation of pigment to get a faded design. Think 1920s cascading blooms and you’ll get the idea. In fact, a wedding invites made of handmade crushed paper, painted with low-saturation watercolor and further pressed to make the card appear old will be simply great for a modern floral wedding.

Floral Trend Isn’t All About the Bride
Ok before you start fizzing, your wedding is all about you and your groom, but the floral trend for wedding invitations go beyond the bride’s liking of florals. A wave of emerging designers in several countries is being swept away by floral designs, trying them out in different forms and styles for wedding invites. Floral designs are becoming more gender friendly – so it’s not all about the bride and not feminine at all, in that sense. The floral designs that are coming out hold definite appeal to the male as well, as they are not overtly floral. For example, choose a black and white color scheme and edge the card with a delicate jewel-tone floral on the right corner. Or subtle floral embossing all over a pristine cream card, with a few foiled leaves here and there. It’s all up to you.



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