Wedding is one of the most important day of one’s life so everyone makes sure that everything is organized in a systematic and proper manner. Apart from other aspects, one of the most important aspect of wedding day is the wedding cards and wedding car. Some couples are very excited about these as they over look to their wedding car and get it booked in advance or get it decorated in a very different manner. Cars for wedding are available in different styles from classic to modern one can choose it according to their own choice. Decoration of these cars can be done in many ways like by using silk flowers, tiny artificial flowers, fillers and ribbon, etc.

Types Of Wedding Cars:

Vintage Wedding Cars:
Vintage car is one of the most popular wedding cars. Vintage car gives the feeling of the joy and excitement. By looking at the vintage car one can feel royal it adds more beauty to the wedding and excitement for the couple. Vintage cars used outside India where wedding takes place at churches but these days there are more demand of vintage cars in India. People want to give luxurious looks to their wedding. Vintage cars look good even without any decoration but still if some required any decoration can go for small bouquet placed in front part of the car also put different colors roses. Sometime the wedding theme that is followed on the wedding cards are also carried on the decoration of these modern day Plakis.

Classic Wedding Cars:
Classic cars have started becoming quite popular among soon to be married couples for their special day. These cars provide comfort zone by escorting the couple to the wedding destination in its own unique style. Couples hire or have car which make their day more memorable and this car is one of the most outstanding car which one can plan to book in advance.

Wedding Car Decoration:
People start decorating the wedding car 5-6 hours before the wedding about to complete. Decoration of the cars can be done in many ways it depends upon what type of decoration you required. You can also hire any wedding car decorator or can also hire wedding car. Decoration of wedding car can be done by using different types of flowers or one can also make bouquet of that and place everywhere on the car. With this you can also add ribbons, you can also use banner like just married and place it on the rear windscreen part of the car and can also make heart shape designs in front part of car by using red rose petals.

While, choosing a wedding car some of the factor should keep in mind. Interior space, air conditioning and color. Color is one of the most important aspects especially for the brides who will be looking for an effective contrast between car and dress. Earlier doli/Palkis were more in demand these were decorated in different style which gives the feeling of queen to the bride. Doli/Palkis were decorated in an awesome manner it was carried by 4 people 2 in front and 2 at rear but with the changing environment demand for the wedding cars are increasing.


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