RSVP in the French language is abbreviated form of ‘Repondez S’il Vous Plai^t’ with the literal meaning, ‘reply please’. A trend not born yesterday, but revived from the Victorian Age when it was considered to be a well-bred gesture to respond to the invites with a positive or negative response. One can say that it has proved to be a very convenient way to know the approximate attendance in a particular event, making it easier for the host to plan his/her party well. Present times have witnessed RSVP Cards to have established their position firmly with those who understand the value of organizing their events in a meticulous manner.

RSVP cards are accompaniments of the main invites which may or may not be sent with the main invite. As a protocol, they can be sent a little later than the invitation cards with a self-addressed response envelope attached so that one can ensure a response from the attendees.

RSVP Cards

RSVP Cards can be designed with style and amazing ingenuity or they can be left simple and straight depending on the taste and choice of the host. As the world is becoming more and more specialized as well as professional, it is not surprising that designing invites is a part of the professional world where creativity at its best can be witnessed in the form of innovative and novel ideas which help create a unique event.

What is it that can make your RSVP Cards unique and exclusive? The reason to create something unique is that they will bring desired response for your friends and relatives. They will not be able to neglect the reply as these cards have aroused their curiosity as well as interest in the party or event to be attended. The elements that create a difference in an RSVP Cards are:

1. It’s appearance which means if graphics have been used in these cards instead of text, they will catch more attention.
2. Its wording or text which may be humorous or funny, tickling the imagination of the person from whom the response is expected.
3. It’s content which includes some unique way of saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the invitation.
4. It may also include the picture of a bride and bridegroom with a personal message from them.

Designer Invitations Card

You get all these and much more at Indian Wedding Card, whose genius in creating something unique has won them clients from all walks of life. We at Indian Wedding Card consist of a team of designers who hold expertise in bringing novelty and exquisiteness to the invitation cards. We not only do that but also help you make any of your ceremony or function a big success as we ensure that these invites set the mood of your guests to look forward to an event which will stand apart from any other such party. We customize our invites according to your taste and choice. We also provide a wide range of paper, fabric, designs, fonts, and motifs to choose from.

Visit us and make your choice from our magnificent collection of RSVP Cards.


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