Wedding Anniversaries are very special, so special as one wants to relive those beautiful moments when one was wedded. These are the occasions to celebrate with your friends and family and share your happiness in a unique and special way. Certain anniversaries hold more importance than the others, like twenty-fifth anniversary also known as the silver jubilee, holds a special place as the couple wishes to celebrate their togetherness of many years. The historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Roman Empire where husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth and golden wreath on the fiftieth anniversary but this does not at all mean that only these anniversaries call for celebrations of the eventful life led in partnership where the couple has proved their acceptance and tolerance for each other. In fact, wedding anniversary must be celebrated each year with a sense of exhilaration and achievement.

E Wedding Cards

The celebration of the first or any number of anniversaries needs to be planned well. Be it a simple anniversary party or a flamboyant one, one cannot ignore the fact that the presence of others in making your day special is no less. Shared happiness multiplies and brings more enjoyment. So, one has to make a list of people whom one wishes to invite and sending invites to one’s near and dear ones has been customary since olden times in any culture. In fact, in modern times, people have devised other ways to find the solution for saving their precious time which was earlier spent on getting the invites printed, which led to the consumption of paper being used to design and print these invites. It is natural for any civilization to find viable solutions for the issues that begin to somehow concern the environment.

E-Invitation is the most amazing solution where the modern technology has come to aid and given us a choice of being traditional and preserve the old global customs but in a novel and creative way. In the present computer world, what could be better than to design an invite on the computer and send it on email? It saves time, energy and paper without taking away the pleasure of inviting people in a customary fashion. The most important thing is that these invitations can be designed as per your choice or theme of the party and even better than this is that you have professional help available to give you freedom from spending hours in deciding the size, shape, colour or content of your card.


We at Indian Wedding Card enjoy being innovative and unique. We also understand the need of the hour. That is the reason we have an exclusive range of E-Anniversary Cards to make your anniversary a special affair. You can sit back and relax when we take over and provide you with the most creative e-designs with the appropriate wording or content. Our amazing collection speaks of all the emotions and sentiments that have been the part of your story. Your taking up this initiative of saving the paper on your anniversary is going to prove to be inspirational for others.

Browse through our collection of Wedding Anniversary E-invites and let us know of your choice.


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