India is a country deeply rooted with tradition and culture that dates back to centuries. Marriage is considered divine where two souls tie knots to continue their journey together. It’s once in a life time event. No wonder marriage is such a grand ceremony in India. The pre celebration last for nearly a month. Relatives and friends far and wide, known from childhood days of both the bride and bride groom are invited with elegant wedding invitation cards for the grand event. Feast, dance and other celebrations last long.

Depending on the bride and bridegroom’s caste and religion the nuptial styles may differ, but altogether most marriage celebration in India last for a month.  The first part of the celebration is when the bride and bridegroom’s family members give their consent. Only the close family members are invited for this pre wedding event. This event mostly happens in either of the home of the bride or the bridegroom. Depending on financial status of family this event ranges from some tens of thousands to a couple of lakhs.

The next big event in marriage celebrations is the engagement. Few more relatives and close friends are invited for this event. They usually book a big hall and have a small ceremony over there. The ceremony last for a few hours and usually has a small feast for the guest and costs around a few hundreds of thousands.

The third of the marriage events is the marriage itself. The biggest of all the celebrations that could ever happen to an Indian is his or her wedding. The bride is grandly dressed in unique silk clothes with antique traditional designs. Besides the dress the bride wears grand jewels of gold, platinum and diamonds. Hands with mehandi, dressed in elegant saree, fully adored in lustrous jewellery, the bride is the catch of everyone’s eye in the event of marriage. The wedding invitation cards are sent far and wide and literally every friend known to the bride and the bridegroom are warmly and whole heartedly invited. After many rituals and religious proceedings the couple finally ties their knots and joins hands for their life ahead. The elderly bestow their blessings and best wishes, while their friends wish them the best of what life could offer. The marriage event costs a few lakhs to a few hundreds of lakhs depending on the financial status of the families of the couples.

Indian wedding is a grand event, even little things like shopping for the big day itself a big affair. Getting married the Indian way is fascinating, the customs, rituals and traditional attires makes it an unforgettable experience. Most foreigners are attracted towards this style of wedding because of the deep meaning of its ritual. Here, nuptial is considered bond of several births, so if problem arises in life couple face it together rather than parting ways. Every ritual has some significant meaning that plays a vital part in strengthening the bond of love and togetherness.


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