WhatsApp invitations have become quite popular these days. It is a quick, cost-effective, and eye-catching way to invite guests to any function or event. Depending on the occasion, WhatsApp cards provide a selection of templates and designs. WhatsApp wedding cards are available in a variety of designs, images, and prints. These digital cards are visually appealing. Furthermore, through this instant technology, guests appreciate the beauty of cards and the warmth of invitations. WhatsApp invitations enable guests to spare time to attend the marriage by blocking the important dates.

Have a look at these fabulous and attractive WhatsApp Wedding cards designs and templates:

  • Sticking to the roots

This traditional WhatsApp wedding card design elegantly embraces vintage prints and imagery. Peacock, elephant, camel, bride in doli, and mandap are the most widely used images on colourful cards. The images of OM and Lord Ganpati are imprinted at the top of the card, which is meant to bring the couple fortune and blessings. Bright red, maroon, and green hues with golden or silver borders look beautiful to reflect a traditional touch in these WhatsApp wedding invitations.

  • Traditional card with a modern twist

Authentic site of Indian Wedding Cards offers you mesmerizing assortment of traditional WhatsApp invitations with a slightly modern touch. These invitations have the latest trending fonts, animation and graphics. Floral and leaf d├ęcor give these cards a modern and classic look that impresses everyone.

  • Movie poster invitation cards

These WhatsApp invitations for weddings are inspired by Bollywood movies. Add a couple of photos from a pre-wedding photoshoot to these cards to make them more unique. It has a distinctive and special feel thanks to these lovely invitation cards. Typically, movie poster invitation cards lack vivid and dark colors to draw attention to the couple’s photo alone.

  • WhatsApp Chat interface wedding card

This visually appealing invitation is a wedding card for WhatsApp only. It has the same format as WhatsApp with white background and green status bar. This WhatsApp chat invitation is unique and highly impressive. You can also create a WhatsApp video or text video to invite your guests.

  • Journey of your love

For love birds, this invitation card suits the best. Through pictures and text, it tells the story of your entire romantic relationship, from your first interactions to your wedding destination. Additionally, it contains the time and location of your initial meetings and special moments. This is a very original and alluring strategy to impress your visitors

  • Get creative with doodle art

A caricaturist can draw your image for a wedding invitation using doodle art, and you can then use it. These playful and exquisite sketches are an adorable way to announce your wedding and show off the specifics of events in a humorous way. You can also include doodle images of the couple’s respective cities in these WhatsApp wedding invitations.

e-invites are in vogue these days. Whether it is a wedding invitation, birthday celebration, or any festive ceremony you can use these unique and beautiful invitation templates and designs to invite guests.


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