India is an amazing country with the multitude of faiths and beliefs co-existing in a harmonious manner. It is amazing to realize that its strength lies in its diversity. Since Indian society is part of one of the oldest civilizations, there is no denying the fact that traditions and customs are deep rooted and the institutions like marriage have been always a reason to celebrate this divine union in a flamboyant and grand manner. Irrespective of the caste and religion, Indian customs and rituals rule above everything.

Celebrating any event together is a typical trait of being Indian. Indian Wedding which is marked by societal and religious approval happens only in the presence of one’s relatives and friends who come to bless the newly married couple. India has since the era of kings and queens, the tradition of sending Wedding Invitations to those living far and wide but then only the royal family could afford to send such invites. As the times have changed, so have the trends and that is why Indian weddings in present scenario give a lot of importance to the Wedding Invitation Cards. Their quality, design, texture, text are kept in mind while designing the card which to has now become a specialized task done by the professionals who give the plethora of choices and customize the designs according to one’s choice and taste.

Ribbon and Multilayered Cards

When it comes to Wedding Invitation Cards, no one can be a better provider than Indian wedding card. The choice of designs ranging from simple and elegant to bright and vibrant cards is never-ending. We specialize in the most intricate cards which are unique and delicate, showcasing true craftsmanship. Such cards project your taste for finer things in life, more like signature cards emulating your personality. Under such variety, we at Indian Wedding Card have Ribbon and Multilayered Cards, Scroll Cards, Theme Based Cards with religious motifs and symbols that are not only sophisticated and classy but also the cards with fine finesse. They can be elegantly designed with a shimmery cream card sheet accompanied with an equally stylish envelope to complete the enchanting look or they are also available in the colours which are bright and beautiful.

Since India is the country that has the multi-lingual and multi-faith population, cards with verses from the Holy Scriptures are not uncommon. Each card has a story to tell, a saga to relate and poetry to express. The cosmopolitanism character of modernity along with grandeur of the past; this is a complete package of a refined taste. One cannot deny the mastery of workmanship which makes them alluring. Imagine the look on the receiver’s face who is completely spellbound with this magic of beauty.

Scroll Cards

We at the Indian Wedding Card truly display Indianness in each of our designed creation as we understand what sets the mood of the sender and what brings a smile on the receiver’s face. It is our pleasure to customize our invites according to what our customers’ desire.
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