Repondez S’il Vous Plait, borrowed French expression which conveys the need to respond in positive or negative for any invitation. RSVP is generally mentioned in any invitation card where the host needs to know the response of the guest. RSVP on invitation cards is extremely helpful in planning the event; the host is able to gather correct information on count heads attending the party or function and it gives him an idea as to how much to cater for in terms of food, seating or venue.

RSVP Cards

There are a few tips to make complete use of RSVP cards so that your event turns out to be well organized and hassle-free. It begins by sending the invites a little earlier than usual so that the guests get enough time to respond. Try and send the invitations at least six to eight weeks before the event and if it is a destination wedding, the invitations should be sent all the earlier. This way one can ensure that the guests can think and plan well according to their schedule, giving them cushion time as well convenience of keeping their dates free for your party. Another important thing that RSVP Card must include is an envelope which is already stamped and has the host’s name and address printed on it so that the guests don’t feel lazy or hassled while accepting or declining the invitation and there is no fear of wastage of time in procuring the response. It is also advisable to mention a deadline date on the RSVP card so that the guests feel obliged to respond before the date.

RSVP Card Wording:

It is important that the RSVP card has appropriate wording for the guests to respond. The host has the choice of providing formal or funny responses to choose from so that the guests find it interesting and enjoyable to respond. Rather this wording acts as a style statement which the guests feel pleased to respond to. If the invitation card’s wording mentions RSVP Regrets Only, it means that the guests have to respond only in the case of not attending the wedding.

Here are few examples as to what can be printed on the RSVP Cards which can be printed for a YES or NO response:

We’d love to attend or Regrets.                          Will not be able to make it.
Looking forward to attending your event!            Regrets as not available on the dates mentioned.
Not for you but for yummy food, I’ll be there.            Oh No! Will live to regret this forever.
Already packed my bags!                                          Wish the dates were different.

RSVP Invitations

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