When it is about planning a grand wedding, you want your complete involvement in making your big day a success. Apart from selecting the best wedding outfits to choosing perfect décor, digital wedding cards need attention too. Gone are the days when traditional wedding cards used to make noise. It’s the time of e-invitation that lets you announce your wedding conveniently.

Email wedding invitations are in trend for a while now. It becomes easy for you to send digital wedding cards to your guest as they can reciprocate with their response in no time. It is convenient and less time consuming, and you can include all the details you want in your e-invitation. Let us understand why choosing a digital wedding invitation is a good choice for you.

Digital Wedding Cards


Digital wedding cards come with the convenience of customizing your invite the way you want. There is no limitation in context with space and design. You can include themes complementing your actual wedding décor and include personalized messages to make your guests feel special. You can play with fonts and color combinations of your choice. Your email wedding invitation should reflect your joy and happiness.Brainstorm with your partner or your friends indeed. That would be the right way to design an e-invitation to announce your big day.

Pocket Friendly

Amidst the wedding preparations, you may lose count of the budget as there could be a lot of miscalculations. That’s understood! You want your budget intact, and any extra expense makes you worried. Why not save on budget-friendly digital wedding cards? It saves you the cost incurred while printing traditional cards and then sending them across to the guests. Do not forget the packaging and stamp costs. Sending an email wedding invitation is an inexpensive and sophisticated way to announce your wedding date.


You may forget to add a few important guests to the list when sending traditional wedding cards. It also takes time to reach them to the guests. They may have their plans already and may not make it to the wedding. Or, they would like to arrive early but unsure about the time the card will reach them. With digital wedding invitations, you can be sure of your guest’s timely response so that you can make the arrangements accordingly.


Email wedding invitations are not just limited to fonts and themes. You can send a video wedding invite that may capture your guest’s attention by surprise. You can share your love story in a video format with a lot of pictures binding your memories together. Let your loved ones know about your excitement.

With all that said, you must pay attention when designing your digital wedding card. Choose a wedding card designer that knows the job well. Readiprint Designs creates amazing designer wedding cards using different themes. You can connect with their creative team to brainstorm and design the perfect email wedding invite.


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