You’re wedding’s all decided and you’re turning your thoughts towards wedding invitations now. You don’t want your wedding to be like anyone else’s do you? You want it special, different and you want your wedding invitations to speak of you as a couple, of your combined style and personality. You can make people remember your wedding for a long time through beautiful, custom designed invites, and here’s why.

It’s Your Wedding and It’s Unique!
Your style is one-of-a-kind, whether you want to print photos of your courtship in your card or write a poem about your love. Your invitations should reflect that unique style. Also, your wedding is unique; it’s the product of your design, your style, and your wishes. So why not opt for custom cards that afford a first peek into your wedding day to your dear guests? Be unique and everything that follows will also be special.

Make An Indelible Impression On Your Guests
Design your custom invitation card the way you want your guests to enjoy your wedding. Do you have guests who need to travel from a distance? Include a map of your city, marking the path to your wedding location from the airport and train station with red hearts. Wouldn’t that be cute? Or, if you’re having a pre-wedding party, you can create a separate insert for that. You can enjoy all sorts of event flexibility when you choose a custom designed invitation.

You Get To Go All Out!
Weddings are all about where you invest your time, effort and money. It’s your day, and you get to make it as special as possible. So take the time choosing your wedding invite paper, envelope, inserts, and go all out designing something that is yours and yours alone. It’s your special day, after all!

Use Custom Invites To Heighten The Excitement
Have you planned a wedding to remember? An out-of-the-ordinary event? Perhaps a 3-day wedding weekend with games and parties, or a destination wedding? Is the wedding a mix of different cultures, languages, different ceremonies and customs? Are you using an interesting new theme for your wedding? What you need in such a case is a uniquely custom-created invite that creates intrigue and excitement in your guests. It’ll be hard to call everyone and let them know what to expect, so let the invite do that for you. Let your custom invite communicate everything to your guests, in impeccable style.

An Invite Is More Than An Invite
A wedding invite is the first page of the story of your life together. So how do you want it to be? Boring standard or something that puts forth your vision? Do you plan on leading an outdoorsy, free-theme life after your wedding? Let your card speak your mind. Use every element of your wedding invitations to set the tone for your event. Select the colors, fonts, and images to stun your guests and make them grin all over in delight. When your guests open your invite they’ll know whose event it is straight away.

Let Your Imagination Fly!
Take this opportunity to let your imagination fly and create an invite that’ll be a true work of art. When you look back, you don’t want to feel bad that your invite wasn’t special enough, right? You want to feel satisfied every time you take out your wedding invitations out. Create a wonderful custom invite that you can place on your mantelpiece or showcase for a lifetime, proud of having created the perfect ‘this is who we are’ wedding invite.


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