RSVP invitation wording is an important aspect of your RSVP card and invitation suite. It helps you determine how many people and who in particular will be able to attend your wedding. In addition, it also assists you in preparing your seating chart and giving the caterer an exact headcount.

In terms of etiquette, you need to send guests RSVPs with the return address and stamp already on the card. The return address should be from whomever is in charge of managing your guest list, usually the mother or sister of the bride. You can opt to be a little environment savvy by sending out RSVP postcards and also save on stamp costs.

The wording of your RSVP is where most couples stumble. Most are concerned with queries such as what’s the best way to structure the RSVP? What information should I include? Whose names should I include? Keep in mind, the wording of your RSVP should be uniquely yours as long as it establishes an appropriate tone and you’re able to convey all the necessary information that will assist you in the planning phase.

RSVP Wedding Cards

There are multiple approaches when it comes to RSVP invitation wording. These are:

The Traditional Approach:

Using the most polite wording possible, state their reply is requested. This is followed by a field for the guest’s name as well as their spouse or partner. Then include a field for the number of guests that are planning to attend.

You need to include a few basic things with this style. This includes:

  • Mention a typical call to action (i.e. reply by date).
  • Avoid ambiguity by directly asking whether they will be attending.
  • Include a clear field to indicate whether they plan to attend or not.
  • A thank you and salutation note at the end of the card so that it feels like a polite request rather than an order.

Options for wording your ‘accepts’ and ‘declines’ fields:

  • Accepts with Pleasure
  • Delighted to Attend
  • Regretfully unable to Join
  • Declines with Regrets

Options for wording the ‘RSVP by date’ section:

  • The favour of your reply is requested by June 1st
  • Kindly reply by June 1st
  • Please reply by June 1st

The Minimalist Approach:

If you don’t like spending too much time on the wording of your RSVP request, then that’s perfectly okay. You may simply state the guest’s name under the RSVP banner. Then include two fields, ‘accepts’ and ‘declines’, followed by the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding ceremony. You may also include fields for meal preference, i.e. Veg, Meat, and Fish. This is a bare-bones approach but more direct. It will help you gather all the information you need with just a few words.

RSVP Cards

When wording your ‘accepts’ and ‘declines’ fields, you can consider the following options:

  • Excited to Join You!
  • Looking forward to celebrate with you.
  • Can’t Wait!
  • Accepts
  • Deal me in!
  • Sorry to Miss Out
  • Sad to Miss Out
  • Declines

Options for wording your ‘RSVP by’ section:

  • Reply by 01.06.2018
  • RSVP by 01-06-2018
  • Kindly let us know by 01/06/2018

Getting the RSVP invitation wording right can be a tricky task. But the good news is at Indian Wedding Card, we can assist you in creating the most aptly worded request. Do visit our site to shop for memorable and unique RSVP cards.


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