Designer wedding invitations are different, special, glamorous much like a movie star. On the outside, they resemble an invitation, but when you have a look at the finer details you immediately notice there’s a special aesthetic in these invites that you won’t see anywhere else.

A designer invite is created and styled much like an article of clothing, jewelry, accessory, etc. It’s stylized to reflect modern/cultural trends with a twist. The use of colors, special font and materials, and design is quite brilliant. The presentation, word choice, and even font may be unconventional, but when it’s all put together, it transforms into a dazzling invitation.

Designer Wedding Card

A designer wedding invitation is perfect for couples who are planning a modern or cultural marriage ceremony.

Use the following tips to select your designer wedding card:

1. Select a Color

Color plays an important role in the wedding planning process. Many brides like to select theme colors for their ceremony. They then try to incorporate this into every aspect such as their wedding lehenga, the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, table arrangements, and even the gift bag. So it’s not surprising that color choice is an important decision when selecting an invitation.

Designer invites are made in a wide range of colors, especially in contemporary shades such as cream, black, tan, brown, green, etc.

2. Font

The font of your invitation matters a great deal because it’s a direct reflection of what type of celebration it’s going to be. Fancy, cursive, calligraphy type fonts convey formal, grandiose weddings. Modern fonts mirror contemporary celebrations.

3. Design

What’s the best way to showcase your personality? It’s through design! Picking a design is also fun and it gives you a chance to pick a theme for your wedding. Whether you like some lace, a touch of religion and culture, a photograph of you as a couple or the addition of sequins and precious stones or gold foil, this is a chance for you to shine like a star.

Designer Wedding Invitations

4. Paper

The quality of paper used to make a designer invitation is often different from conventional cards. You can expect to see materials such as vellum, card stock, handmade paper, velvet and even wood.

Selecting a wedding invitation marks the beginning of your wedding preparations. You want it to reflect your personality and the specialness of the occasion. Designer wedding invitations are the perfect choice for your extraordinary day.

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