Planning a wedding requires a lot of effort. From finalizing the wedding date to deciding upon the wedding clothes, wedding cards, etc.; everything needs to be done systematically.

There is an important aspect of wedding arrangements that people tend to forget – a seating plan. Now you may wonder why a seating plan is necessary?

Your guests are from different cultures and ethnicities. Thus, their likes and dislikes would also be different. Some people think by providing enough seats, guests can figure out where to sit. Contrary to this belief, your guests might face various bottlenecks in finding a seat if there is no proper arrangement. If you are hosting a small event with less than 50 people than this might not be an issue for you, but if your guest list includes more than 500 people, then you need a seating plan.

Table Cards

Table invitation cards can help you in managing the seating arrangement.

What are place cards?

Place cards or table cards await guests at each table. It is a piece of paper that indicates the table assigned to the guest to sit. They usually contain the guest’s name and his table number.

It may be a small piece of card, but it can set the tone for the day. If you make the right choice, you can make your guests feel welcomed and special.

Table Invitations Cards

When it comes to wedding table cards, you have plenty of designs to choose from. You can go with simple designs or choose something with more elaborative designs like calligraphy. Some guests also save these place cards as a souvenir of the big day. While place cards inform the guest about their designated table, escort cards are kept at the entrance, to lead the guests to their seats. It’s important to not get confused and use the right card for the right purpose.

Why are place cards important?

Place cards and escort cards help avoid any chances of chaos during the wedding dinner. In its absence, your guests will take a lot of time to be seated. Or, a guest who prefers vegetarian, might be served a non-vegetarian dish. These cards also have special indicators for the type of food preferred. It also helps the event management team to give your guests the best dining experience.

Its highly recommended that guests avoid switching their assigned seats.

Table wedding Cards

Before creating the seating plan, it’s better to obtain several copies of the floor plan. This way you can try different settings and arrangements before finalizing one. You must also be ready to make last-minute accommodations to make certain guests happy. Remember, in the end, it’s all about giving the best experience to your guests.


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