When selecting your wedding invitation, it is absolutely necessary to have proper etiquette. There are many delicate intricacies involved in mailing a wedding invitation. These details surround the enclosures that must be placed with each invitation.

A good wedding invitation suite must have the following components:


Your invitation is the focal point. It must include the four “W”s of your wedding which are who is getting married and who is hosting the wedding, when the ceremony is, where the location of the ceremony is and what is the invitation for, i.e. a wedding.

Reception Card:

If your wedding reception and ceremony are at two different locations, you must include a reception card with the details of the location, time and address. If your reception is at the same venue, you can mention this information on the same wedding invite.

Response Card (with a stamped Envelope):

According to wedding traditions, guests are supposed to complete the response card and mail it back to you. This communicates their ability to attend the ceremony and the number of guests who will be attending. If you have multiple events, you may want to include these on the response card so that guests can tick all that they will attend. You must also mention the due date on your response card, i.e. RSVP cards by June 14, 2018.

It is important to include a stamped and addressed envelope with the response card so that your guests can quickly mail it back to you.

RSVP Cards

Direction Card:

This is entirely optional but absolutely necessary if your venue is in a remote location. You will need to include a map with clear and simply worded directions.

Accommodation Card:

If your wedding will have several out-of-town guests, you will need to provide them with details about their hotel and lodging.

Wedding Website Card:

If you are a tech savvy bride and groom, consider a wedding website card. Having one eliminates the need for a direction card, response card and accommodations card. Your guests simply have to access your website to gain access to necessary information.

Inner Envelope:

The inner envelope is addressed in the guests’ names, including all the children who are invited. It houses all your cards. Inner envelopes are a must for formal weddings.

Outer Envelope:

This portion will have the guests’ names, mailing address and the return address. You can choose to write these necessary details with calligraphy to add a classic touch.

Other Items:

If you want to carry out a theme at your wedding, you may want to consider ordering escort cards, thank you notes, table nos., menu cards and ceremony programs in the same design theme as your invitation suite.

Mastering the art of having a good wedding suite takes a bit of know-how. To view complete range of invitations suites, visit Indian Wedding Cards.


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