The wedding season is all about fun and frolic. You meet your loved ones after years and plan to make merry. It’s the perfect time to get into the excitement mode and make the celebration grand. While all this is good, it’s also about the bride and the groom. Moreover, you all have to plan the wedding together and put on a great show. Amidst the chaos, you must not forget to choose a trendy wedding invitation.

Planning a wedding is no child’s play. You can’t afford to go wrong in choosing décor items, favors, and a caterer. While you can do all this at a later stage, what about the wedding invitation. Nowadays, you can find a variety of exclusive wedding cards online. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Millennials couples are even choosing e-invitations to express their style.

If you’re in the process of designing a wedding invitation, let us help! Read on to know how you can make your wedding card appealing.

Wedding Cards

Choose religious wordings

Whether you’re designing a Muslim wedding card, Punjabi invites, or Christian invitations, you must express gratitude to the Almighty before starting a new chapter in your life. So, start with putting religious symbols or verses at the top of the card. Choose an Ik Onkar symbol for a Sikh wedding. You can select a verse from the Holy Quran for a Muslim wedding card.

Create a theme-based card

Nowadays, a wedding card is the best way to sneak peek into a lavish wedding affair. It can tell you a lot about the wedding theme and arrangements. So, if you’re having a summer wedding, you can choose bright colors, flower arrangements, and sunrise images to set the tone right. If it’s a spring wedding, how about decorating your wedding invitation with leaves. You can find unique wedding invitations online.

Unique Wedding Cards

Use easy-to-read fonts

Let’s admit that not all of your guests are going to be millennials. That’s why you should refrain from using hard-to-read fonts. It can take away the fun of reading about your big day. So, use standard fonts so that all of your guests can read the details and get excited. You never know; you may receive RSVPs sooner than expected. It’s always wonderful to have an extended family blessing you at your wedding. The more, the merrier!

Pick a wooden box in place on an envelope

Gone are the days of choosing envelope-based wedding invitations. The latest trend includes scroll invites and cards in wooden boxes. You can send tiny messages, chocolates, or souvenirs with your wedding card. All you have to do is place it inside a wooden box, and you’re all set to earn praise.

Keep it simple

With all that said, you should try to design a simple card. Nothing beats a simple design. So, if you’ve already started working on your wedding card, try to keep it simple and elegant. Instead of choosing too many design elements, focus on designing a two-tone wedding card. How about white and gold or blue and silver? These combinations never fail to impress the wedding guests.

Now that you know how to make your wedding card appealing, you should find some help. The Readiprint Designs team can help you design a perfect wedding invitation. Besides, you can also choose from their wide range of wedding cards. You may find the one you’ve been looking around all this while. Good luck!


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