Invitation Cards have a pivotal role to play in any wedding. They possess information of date, time and venue of the wedding. Never the least they also convey the warmth and enthusiasm of the host through their content. They are sometimes the reason that a guest plan to attend the wedding. So, it is all the more important taking your wedding invite seriously. Getting it designed in such an attractive and hospitable manner that it surely brings the positive response is the need of the hour. In the present busy scenario, many times the guests are inclined to decline the invitation. That is why wedding invitation stationery includes an RSVP card too. RSVP, adopted from a French phrase asks the guests to accept or decline the invitation.

This is the card which is sent much prior to the invitation card. RSVP card is more of a form which asks the guests to choose from the choices. This card includes an envelope which is stamped and the host’s address is printed on it. One just has to answer in yes or no for attendance and also give their dietary preferences before posting it. This makes it a lot easier for the host to plan his event well.

RSVP Cards

When it comes to guests and hosts, there is a code of conduct that must be followed by them. Especially if the guests take the responsibility of accepting or declining the invitation a little more seriously, it would solve many issues of wastage. There are many ways to express your acceptance or decline the invitation.

Declining Wedding Invitation Cards:

How important it is to respond?

1# It is important to respond to an RSVP card but if you are a close family member and not able to attend the wedding, a personal call or message is expected. It can save you from future awkwardness if you call the host and express your inability in a tactful manner. If possible, sending a card or a gift is counted as a good gesture.

2# Though it is easy to fill in yes or no in the RSVP card but if there is no RSVP card, it is even more important. Then it becomes a moral responsibility of the guests to let the host know that they will not attend the wedding. In the present world of the internet, it is convenient to send your response through e-mail or if there is any website where couple are receiving the responses. It is easier than you think.

RSVP Cards

Accepting Wedding Invitation Cards:

If you have decided to accept the invitation, it is important to do the following:

1# Send your acceptance on time according to the deadline mentioned.
2# Write the names of the members who will attend the wedding.
3# Mention your food preferences.

If the guests put in a little effort, understanding the fact that a lot goes into the planning of a wedding, then there will be more goodwill in the society. These small little basic etiquettes can make a lot of difference. For more such ideas, visit Indian Wedding Card.


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