When you start planning your wedding, the first task you come across is sending the save the date cards.

Save-the-dates are an intimation of your wedding which you can send to your friends, colleagues, and all other important people who are eagerly waiting for your wedding.

As these cards are sent before your wedding invitations; they set the first impression of your wedding. So, you should ensure that you don’t pick any random card designs, instead thoughtfully pick a design that sums up the theme of your wedding.

Though you might not have finalized the wedding style or decor yet, you can have a rough idea of the kind of wedding you want – contemporary, modern, beach, themed, etc.

Save The Date Wedding Invitations

There are plenty of design inspirations for your save the date card. Let’s check out some of the trending designs.

Trending save-the-date-card designs:

1# Wooden save-the-dates:

Wooden-style save the date invitation is very unique and unusual. You can get your wedding details engraved on the wooden block with beautiful calligraphy. These cards stand the test of time and your guests can keep them as a souvenir of your wedding. You can also consider the wooden magnet style.

2# Bookmark-style:

We all know the purpose of a bookmark. You can get your save-the-date cards designed in a bookmark style that your guests can keep with them forever. A bookmark style invite is difficult to forget.

Save The Date Card

They are both a practical and unique way to announce your wedding.

3# Laser-cut save the date invites:

Laser-cut designs look beautiful and classy. The intricate design is eye-catching and thus makes it difficult to ignore.

You can choose a color that matches your wedding style.

4# Save the date illustrations:

It is one of the most trending designs in save-the-dates. You can illustrate your love story or the first time you met through the card.

An illustration adds a personal touch to the wedding announcement card and gives your guests an idea of your wedding.

5# Flight-style save-the-dates:

This style is perfect if you are planning a destination wedding.

An airplane ticket style save-the-date gives your guests an idea that your wedding is going to be held outside the city or country. It also hints to the guests that they should arrange tickets to fly down to the wedding venue as soon as possible.

6# Luggage Tags:

Save-the-date invitation cards in luggage tag styles are an alteration of the airplane ticket style.

Save-the-date invitations

It also gives an impression of a destination wedding and that the guests must start preparing to attend the auspicious occasion at the earliest.

7# Save the date pencils:

This one is very unique. The pencil-style save the dates are a practical way to break the news of your wedding to your family and friends. Guests can keep this precious gift with them forever or simply use them.

Your guests can ‘pencil your wedding date’ in their diaries.

We hope you loved our amazing save-the-date invite ideas and will surely include them in your wedding.


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