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Today printing techniques have developed to new zeniths resulting in some of the best printing options available. The improvement in printing techniques has influenced wedding invitation printing as well. Where it was only the offset printing option available, there is the engraving, thermography and lot more printing options available. However, the printing options choice depends on your budget as well as how best you want the wedding card to look.

The engraving printing option has raised letters and it looks as if the words have come out of the paper and speak themselves. It is one of the most expensive printing techniques and uses thick paper or cotton fiber based material. Engraved printing uses thick ink so that it really shows up on the paper. Since more ink takes more time to dry up, this printing technique takes more time than usual offset printed cards. There is also embossing printing option available that uses almost no ink and is made using thin foil of metallic sheets embossed inside paper.

Thermography is another printing option that one can choose to get some of the best printed cards. Similar to the engraving this printing technique also has letters engraved but the paper is not engraved. The ink is mixed with a special powder to mark this effect. This is also somewhat costly but similar to the engraved printing, it also looks great.

Letterpress is another printing technique used in invitation card printing. It is said to be the costliest printing technique and involves high quality ink and sophisticated paper. Thus more turnaround time and cost involved desists people from using this technique. However, those who have planned it all in advance, can take advantage of this printing technique to get some of the best printed invitation cards.

Another technique that is also the second most used technique is digital printing. This has varied paper choices and one can get these printed in day’s time. There is no budget constraint as well. Next is the most popular card printing technique which is the offset printing. Being the most popular one, it has a lot of designs and a large number of paper choices. This is the most economical as well.


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