Getting a perfect match is the first hurdle in wedding, whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage. If you have found your match and you are completely ready to get into wedlock then you should propose your partner in style. This will make it “unforgettable experience” for her. For girls it is a special moment. When it comes to proposing Indian girl you need to carry it out in such a way that it touches her heart. They are very emotional at heart. Here are 3 unique proposal ideas for Indian girl.

Ask hand from parents:


When it comes to proposing traditional Indian girl then it would be better first asking her hand from her parents. The girls like man, who has the guts to ask her hand from her parents. Once you have got their permission then it is time to go ahead. Organize a party where relatives, friends and parents of both of you are present. Make sure that your girl doesn’t get a hint that you’re going to ask her for marriage. Play some romantic number, ask her to dance with you. As soon as the song gets over go down on knee ask her for marriage. Of course, you are going to hear a positive answer.

Saying in with a card:

Saying in With Card

Visit online card shop and select a beautiful wedding invite. You can easily get a single piece as most of the shop happily gives sample. They might charge a fractional amount for it. We asked you to go for invite because every girl dreams of their name to be printed on a magnificent wedding card. Now get your and your sweetie’s name printed on it.  Now is time to do shopping, get a magnificent bridal Lehenga Style Saree in auspicious red shade. Also buy her favorite chocolates and cookies. Put all these in a gift basket with card at the top.  Take her out for a long driver. Stop the car at some serene place. Handover the gift hamper to her, as soon as she starts reading the card, instantly go down and ask will you marry me. Believe us she is going to be touched by the invite, bridal sarees and the chocolates.  The answer apparently is going to be positive.

Well when it comes to wedding, have the same invite as it is the card that did the trick for you and of course your bride would be wearing the same outfit that you gifted her.

Tell a Tale:

If you are good at sketching or drawing use the skill to impress the girl. Make two imaginative characters like it was in movie
Hum Tum. Give the characters your and your girl’s name. Now weave a hilarious love story in pictures with it stopping at one juncture where the boy asks the girls for marriage. Ask your sweetheart to give the reply.  The moment she says “yes” turn to the next page where it shows the girl & boy getting engaged then having a grand wedding then living happily forever.


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