Outfit is most important and it has a great impact on the personality of a person. This holds a very important place in everyone’s life this is one thing whose trends keeps on changing but even after that the demand is ever increasing. This is one of the most prominent things on the wedding day especially for the bride and the groom. Now the outfit looks, colour material differs according to the bride religions like Hindu, Muslim, and Christian.

It is a well known fact that Muslims are very fashionable and so are their outfits. The lavishness of Muslim weddings can be gauged by the Muslim wedding cards as well as the outfits of the bride and the groom. There are thousands of designs which are available for a Muslim bride dress. Before finalizing the dress one needs to be very clear about the budget as there is a vast range available.

Their dresses are very rich in looks as well material, the cloth used is very of very high quality like polyester, satin, silk etc. Many designs such a deep neck, close neck, short sleeves, long sleeves, fish cut, umbrella cut etc. Once the design and pattern is finalized the second step is the cloth type like wrinkle free, self wok, brocket etc. which material will be used as the base.

There are many options of this dress which are available on line so one can choose from these or can design the same. There are options available on line for mix and match as well where one can opt for different colour lehanga, sharara and Chuni in contrast. The colour which is preferred most in Muslim origin is white, maximum dresses are available in this color, but one can always look for other colors as well. Also the bride can choose the dress as per the theme of the wedding and the Muslim wedding cards.


Once you are through with the color, decide on the work which you want on your outfit like beads, lace, ari-tari, gota etc. is very important to give proper measurement of the outfit as a very tight or lose outfit will lose its grace and will be a useless  or waste investment.

The measurement should be taken by an expert and if you are placing an order on line make sure that you provide the details properly. Make sure you see the material in hand before finalizing it on-line because at times there is a difference in the look of the fabric. If you are ordering the dress on-line make sure you order it 20 days before the occasion date. Ideally, the same should reach you within seven days after everything is finalized by you so that you get time to check it out the fitting, the look, the material and the work and can get the alteration done with in time if required.

If there is any work or alteration which needs to be done on the material make sure that the same is done before the dress is ready as if the additions are done after that it will lose its finishing. The best stock for Muslim wedding outfits is located in India. In order to provide these dresses all over the world there are many sites available. So do a proper planning for this big day outfit, as this is your big day and this outfit will surely add more beauty to your look and smile to your face.


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