Invitation cards for wedding have gone under a drastic change in the last decade. Apparently, this whole journey of transformation has been quite an interesting one. Where at one side, inviting guests with handing over a wedding card with few yellow rice grains on it was customary, on another side, now people don’t mind inviting their guests by sending them online marriage invitation cards. A custom of rice dipped in yellow turmeric has disappeared gradually. Whether, we take a glance on the shape of marriage invites or we talk about the whole concept, the difference is not only clearly visible but it has been accepted and appreciated as well.

Interesting Journey of Wedding Invitations

Shape of Wedding Invites-Now and Then:

First of all, let’s talk about the shape of the wedding cards that are exclusively meant for marriage occasion. Earlier there were not available much variety regarding the shape. Roll-on Farmaans, also popularly known as Scroll invites, were more prevalent. A scroll wedding invitation would offer an elegant look to a card as it would leave scope for lot of creativity in terms of using various trimmings like hanging tassels, satin ribbon, and wooden rods featuring metallic finish. Though scroll invitations have not disappeared completely but due to the availability of other interesting shapes, this kind of pattern has certainly taken a backseat. Now there are available plenty of size patterns including square, round, rectangle, etc which are more convenient from the view point of sending wedding cards through the post or courier to those near and dear ones, who are residing at the far-flung places.

Concept of Wedding Invites- Now and Then:

Apart from shape, it is concept of the marriage invitation cards that has truly gone under a major metamorphosis. Earlier there was no concept of theme based wedding cards as people were not aware about the concept of Theme-based weddings. Due to the influence of Western culture, in Asian countries, concept of theme-based marriages began gaining popularity. That’s how; theme-based marriage invites began grabbing the attention of people. There is a unique fun in creating and sending such kind of invites to the guests. It offers a glimpse of the décor of the wedding by creating a synchronized appeal. There is a lot of scope of creativity in such kind of invites. Earlier designer wedding cards were restricted to the affluent people but now due to the advent of modern technology and availability of card designers, it is possible for middle-class people to afford exclusive designer cards. Another concept that has been gaining prominence is, blending the features of olden time and modern time. For an instance, the trend of using precious and semi-precious gem stone is in rage along with synchronizing it with contemporary printing technique like thermography, laser printing, letterpress, embossing, digital printing, etc. Concept of Handmade wedding invitation card has been witnessing an interesting revival because it offers a distinctive appeal.

To put it a nutshell, in modern era, the emphasis is clearly on creating unique marriage invitation cards because people are growing fond of splurging money on unique and designer marriage invites.


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