If you were recently engaged, you’re likely searching for the perfect marriage invitation card? Your wedding invitation is going to be the first official announcement that you’re going to make to your family and friends. It should represent not you as the couple but your family as well.

There are many types of wedding invitation designs to choose from. Some of the most popular are scroll invites, card in a box, laser cut, brooch invitations, and open door style cards. In addition, you have to decide what sort of embellishments you’d like the invitation to have.

This may sound a little daunting, but with the following 8 tips, we’re sure you’ll select the best marriage invitation card:

1. What is the style of your wedding?

Think about the type of ceremony you’re planning to have. Is it entirely religious or faith-based? Will it be something more modern? This question will play a vital role in your card design selection.

Open Door Style Card

2. Do you prefer something exclusive, traditional or unique?

Should your card pay homage to tradition, culture, and religion or should it be something that’s never been seen or done before? At Indian Wedding Card, our range of marriage invites caters to every preference. We’re sure you’ll find something you truly love.

3. Do you want your invite to be in a specific shape?

Marriage invitations are no longer open and close cards. They’re available in a whole range of shapes, sizes and cuts such as heart-shaped, door shaped, scroll, leaf-shaped, etc.

4. What font style would you prefer?

The answer to this question will depend on the card style. In case of a scroll or religious themed card, a cursive typeface is more appropriate. For a contemporary card design, modern fonts (non-cursive) are more suitable. Irrespective of the font you choose, ensure it’s easy to read.

5. Do you have a material preference?

Wedding invitations can be made from many different materials. Popular examples include fabric, card stock, wood, parchment, vellum, handmade and recycled paper.

6. Do you want to coordinate with your wedding theme?

Many couples like to match the theme of their wedding décor with their invitation. This can include the color, the design, and even a symbol.

Marriage Invitation Cards

7. Do you want the invitation to reflect your religion?

If you’re planning to have a faith-based wedding, we recommend selecting a wedding invitation that reflects your religion, i.e. Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and Sikh wedding cards.

Are you ready to shop for your marriage invitation card? If so, visit the Indian Wedding Card today.


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