Your genuine friends and relatives are as excited as you are about your wedding invitation. Choosing a wedding card is the first step in planning your grand event. Furthermore, your wedding invitation provides your guests with glimpses of your wedding day. Invitation cards are essential to invite your guests. It communicates to them the significance of their presence at your wedding.

A Hindu wedding is a huge and vibrant event. It is the start of a sacred relationship founded on commitment and love. A large celebration reflects the viability of the eternal bond. Ordinary wedding invitation cards will not suffice to kick off such a grand celebration. Indian Wedding Cards is an online invitation card store that offers beautiful and unique Hindu wedding card designs to make your special day even more memorable.

The Hindu wedding ceremony is a Vedic yajna ritual in which parents give their daughter (kanyadan) as a symbol of union and commitment in front of a sacred fire. Hindu wedding cards’ prints, designs, and inscriptions reflect their traditional and cultural significance. Hindu weddings reflect true Indian culture; however, you can explore an exciting range of Hindu wedding card designs ranging from traditional to modern.

  • Traditional card design
traditional hindu wedding invitation

Hindu wedding cards represent Hindus’ rich culture and tradition. It conveys the ambiance of the celebration as well as all of the rituals. Traditional Hindu wedding cards feature peacock print in a variety of colors and designs. Bride-Groom paintings, doli and dholak images are genuine works of art that define Hindu wedding ceremonies. Lord Ganesha’s image at the top of the invitation card represents the successful completion of the wedding with the blessings of the almighty.

  • Floral gate design
floral hindu wedding invitation

A floral gate or door is the trendiest and most beautiful design, that symbolizes the beginning of the new and most beautiful chapter of a couple’s life. Floral gate design is available in a variety of colours and prints. On a cream, brown, white and pink background contrasting floral design looks beautiful. While subtle floral shades impart a modern twist to the wedding invitation.

  • Box invitation card
Box hindu wedding invitation

Guests will always appreciate invitation cards in a box. A creative box invitation card features an idol of Ganesha or the goddess Lakshmi. Additional silver coins of Ganesha and Lakshmi are available in more box card designs in addition to invitation cards. Invitation boxes may contain sweets, chocolates, dried fruits, or miniature perfumes. Beautiful ribbons or tassels adorn this invitation box.

  • Invitation card in a beautiful clutch
clutch style hindu wedding invitation

A stylish clutch elevates the impact of your invitation. A lovely clutch with a shimmery surface and a stylish clutch button is a thoughtful gift for your guests. The clutch contains small invitation leaves with the invitation message and wedding details, keeping the card intact and elegant. This type of clutch comes in a variety of designs and colors.

  • Pop-up invitation cards

Pop-up Hindu wedding invitations are very creative and one-of-a-kind. These designs come in both traditional and modern styles. Pop-up wedding cards with vibrant images of Lord Ganesha/Radha-Krishna/floral gate/trees and couples/peacocks are available for traditional themes.
Modern pop-up card designs allow for the customization of images of a decorated venue or couple from the pre-wedding shoot. These are the most attractive wedding card designs.

  • Elegant laser-cut wedding cards
laser cut hindu wedding invitation

With creative designs carved on glittering paper, laser-cut wedding card designs are extremely beautiful. Laser-cut wedding cards are available in pocket and envelop styles. These wedding cards feature stunning designs, colors, and prints.

These are the elegant and one-of-a-kind Hindu wedding card designs that will make your wedding unforgettable for everyone.


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