Many couples are shunning the idea of traditional wedding cards where you don’t have much choice in terms of styling and customization. Millennial couples are looking to make a difference at their wedding, even when it’s about selecting their wedding invitations. From vintage cards to letterpress theme cards, they’re exploring every design. It’s their wedding, and they want to make it grand in every possible manner.

Let’s look at some of the trendiest wedding invites that can help you pick the perfect one among the lot.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress printing allows a card to be designed hard, raised surface. Many new-age couples are finding it stylish and cost-effective invitations that surprise the guests. You can choose from several styles and colors to deck letterpress wedding cards. What’s best in a letterpress theme card is that you can play with the font type and choose that makes the details look quirky and stylish.

Vintage Wedding Cards

Old is gold! The charm of old times never fades away: be it music or vintage cards. You can bring back the charm alive with designer vintage wedding invitations. You can go with the rustic theme and colors that resemble the golden era. It is sure to take your guests aback by surprise as some of them would resonate with it. What could be better than delighting your wedding guests by sending vintage wedding invites?

Water-themed Wedding Cards

It’s nice to have a splash of colors on your wedding card. Don a creative hat and let your wedding card speaks volumes about your interest and involvement in making your big day grand. For an elegant look, choose a white background and a splash of colors. Don’t decorate the borders with silver or golden colors to avoid making them look shabby.

Modern Wedding Invitations

If you’re among the couples who prefer modern taste over classic designs, you can go for Boho-chic wedding cards. Include floral theme and pale colors to get that hippie influence. You can choose from off-white, pale yellow, and light blue to baby pink. You can find a variety of modern wedding invitations at the Readiprint Designs store. From letterpress theme cards to religious wedding cards, it has got all. It keeps the latest trends and can customize based on your preference.

Personalized Wedding Cards

Your wedding card should express your style. Maybe you want to take your excitement to a whole new level by designing customized wedding invitations that have your images, videos, musical notes, etc. You can also go with the cartoon version as animated cards are the latest wedding trend on the market. Either way, you can do a lot with a personalized wedding card. Add slides to showcase your journey as a couple or share special moments from your courtship.

Destination Wedding Invitations

You must be curious to know all about this type of wedding card. Well, here you go. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you can design your wedding invitations related to travel, such as postcards and flight tickets. Use graphics that resemble a boat or plane to give it an authentic look. Your guests will be excited and may plan their trip sooner than expected. As we call it: double the excitement!

These are some of the trendiest wedding invitation styles that you can explore under budget. If you’re looking to customize your wedding card or want to explore a diverse range, you can head over to the Readiprint Designs store. You can also brainstorm with their creative team and discuss your preferences. You never know you may find the perfect wedding card design.


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